Winter In Bremerton

Photo: Jacob Metcalf

Friends and family of ask me, “How stupid does the media think people are?”

“Pretty stupid,” I say. “In fact, the media doubts that you can read, and aren’t just faking it, moving your lips and running your eyes over those mysterious symbols.”

They are referring to, of course, the Inclement Weather Story, the most condescending, uninformative media product since VH1 revolutionized the top-10 list.

Not only does the press dwell on these obvious, easy-to-write, cliche-filled stories, they coin clever names for the storms and draw eye-catching infographics that are forgotten almost immediately by everyone.

People do not sit around and say, “Do YOU remember where you were when the Hanukkah Eve storm?”

They say, “A couple years back – wasn’t it? – we got a lot of snow. Jeez, what’s it been, two years? I thought that was a lot of snow. Not like this. Anywho, back to work, this pitcher of beer isn’t going to drink itself.”

Since Bill Gates invented the computer and the Internet, we have a better alternative.

And that’s what we have here, submitted by Bremerton Beat enthusiast Jake Metcalf, photos of his trek through the white wilderness.

Look at Jake’s photos here. If you want to hear a weather story, open a window and start talking to yourself.

5 thoughts on “Winter In Bremerton

  1. Andy’s #1 fan here:

    I think we should start a protest….

    I am calling for all Binion fans to start a hunger strike or, or, or maybe a strike on Christmas fun or, or, or just maybe we could……. do nothing.

    Dag gone, I’m bummed you’re leaving our illustrous Bremerton for the cheapened likes of Seattle. I know you don’t have much choice, and neither do we. Just know, that your friends in “Bummertown” wish nothing best for you and your so called “future”

  2. Nice pics. More of the Manette Bridge, please. I’d like a standing order of those.

    Still can’t believe those apartment buildings got painted the same pastel colors that those weird fruit-flavored mini marshmallows I used to eat as a kid were. *shudders* Can’t believe I ever ate those.

  3. I took those with a bout a $100 Kodak digital camera and I am impressed with how much decent of a camera you can get for that price these days. They have this cool feature where you can make panoramics by taking three pictures. It will show you the edges of the last two shots as an overlay and you can line it up when you turn about twenty degrees then the software stitches them together. Also the auto focus has really improved on little cameras as of late. One thing that I love about digital cameras is that if you keep them re-charged it does not cost you anything to take a bunch of photos.

    I was walking a box of Christmas presents to the post office. It got there the day after Christmas and I finally got my car unstuck up the hill after five days of being snowed in.

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