The Neck Beard Cometh

A lot of people hate on the neck beard.

But like the sun that shines on a dog’s backside, the stunted machismo and double-chin hiding power of the neck beard is now in style – for lack of a better word – and for this I am grateful.

Here is a photo gallery of recent, and not-so-recent, neck beard wearers. I’m not included, because I’m not famous.

5 thoughts on “The Neck Beard Cometh

  1. Andy, I think I love you. I love everything that you do. Please consider me your #1 fan – I promise not to stalk…. for now…. Anyhoo, Andy, you crack me up, your “blog” is outstanding!!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Binion here:

    OK, kidjen78, when I hired you to post glowing comments about my journalistic excellence and smoldering physical appearance, we discussed how easy it would be to overdo it. We talked about how you had to be subtle, not to be too glowing. Well, everybody is going to see right through this one. So, just for that, no grape swisher. And by the way, destroy this e-mail, the last thing I need is for the Bremerton Beat’s Board of Directors to figure out I’ve been skimming money from the Aid To Starving Children Charity Fund. See you in Cabo!

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