Does Bozeman Smoke Grape Swishers?

Cigars, like Metamucil, are a taste best acquired after all other alternatives have been exhausted.

Although Bremerton’s favorite stogie might be the grape Swisher, sold individually for about $1 at the 7-Eleven at Park and Sixth, that was not likely the brand Mayor Cary Bozeman had neglected, and with which he nearly burned down his waterfront home last weekend.

Here is the story from the Sun, written by our award-winning Josh Farley, and the not-so-award-winning me.

Below you will find all sorts of interesting comments. None of which revel in a politician’s misfortu … Oh. Never mind.

Here is a blog post from the Seattle Weekly, which claims the indirect cause of Bozeman’s fire is the smoking ban on the ferries. Perhaps, SW staffer and Son of Bremerton Chris Kornelis suggests, if Bozeman could have taken his cigar with him while riding the ferry to watch the UW’s “God awful” performance Saturday (“God awful” are Bozeman’s words) he wouldn’t have left the cigar burning on his deck.

This is a great argument for disgruntled smokers shunned for lighting up, but what about nudists? Think of all the disasters that could be averted if the state lightened up and allowed passengers to ride the ferries in their birthday suits. I can’t think of any right now.

This story has gained some traction near and far, which goes to show that the rest of the world hangs on Bremerton’s every move. At least crappy local television news stations.

One thought on “Does Bozeman Smoke Grape Swishers?

  1. Grape Swishers are not cigars any more than Buckhorn in a can is a premium microbrew.

    Enjoying a stogie while nude is an activity best restricted to the backyard hot tub and not on the ferry. Mayor Bozeman just needs to pocket an ashtray the next time he attends an event at the Convention Center and all will be well.

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