Bremerton’s 2009 Proposed Budget Available

Budget proposal? That calls for a fist pump!

Hang on to your wispy mustaches!

Because here comes Mayor Cary Bozeman’s 2009 budget proposal.

You don’t have to be a public finance major, or a major geek, to enjoy and understand this important document. Budget writer Laura Lyon has included an overview that puts the whole thing in English.

Pick your poison here.

Inside you will find out how the city proposes closing a $4.4 million budget gap, including 20 percent less lawn mowing at parks and closing the city’s swimming pool during the weekend and for the 5:30 a.m. weekday swim.

Among other cuts.

Bremerton isn’t alone, shown with this story about kvetching mayors Thursday.

Watch a KOMO video on the meeting here, where Bozeman talks about some of the more visible cuts proposed.

If you just want the skinny, and don’t have time to fiddle with Adobe or system-draining videos, read my first-blush budget story here.

If you want a little deeper look, try this heart-pounding account, a story filed today that suggests the four people who will lose jobs under this budget scenario will likely be joined by five more, including three police officers, if Tim Eyman’s I-985 is approved and red light camera revenue is earmarked for congestion reduction programs.

After all that heavy, relevant stuff, read this completely irrelevant story about how Captain Kirk is peeved at helmsman Sulu for not inviting him to his gay wedding.

One thought on “Bremerton’s 2009 Proposed Budget Available

  1. After such a heavy article, I’m glad you threw in the Takei/Shatner bit.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love them both dearly. I mean, there’s Shatner’s musical GENIUS, and Takei’s absolutely hypnotic laugh. How can you NOT love those guys? But I’m thinking that Shatner’s in the wrong here. After listening to Takei on Howard Stern’s show so many times, I have a hard time disbelieving the fact that he invited Shatner, who seems to be getting a little strange in his latter years, not that it’s a bad thing. I’m just saying, for Shatner to post that video on his website pretty much screams “stubborn and wrong old man” to me, and trust me, I know stubborn and wrong.

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