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Moving Forward

There is an argument that carries some water, I believe, that Frank Chopp, D-Seattle, is the most powerful man in Washington state.

As speaker of the state House of Representatives and representing a district that includes the formerly cool neighborhood of Fremont, he commands one half of the Legislature and has a fondness for saying, “Moving forward.”

In other words, he’s safe, whereas the Senate has shown more partisan volatility, and the governor’s office is up for a statewide vote every four years.

He’s also a Bremerton lad.

One issue facing the state, and has been facing the state for years, is what to do with the crumbling Alaska Way Viaduct that wraps around the Seattle waterfront like a wool scarf inherited from grandma.

As a state highway, Chopp has a say in the future of the project.

One argument for replacing the viaduct are the spectacular views that every person can see, as long as they can catch a ride.

Some discount this point of view. For one thing, it doesn’t make any money for condo developers. On the other hand, condos would be placed on the tax rolls, which is good considering the city of Seattle wants to move business out of the city and create a bedroom community for Microsoft retirees. That is, businesses that don’t serve rich retirees.

However, not Chopp. He likes the view, and he has his own idea for the viaduct.

And that is the subject of this post, which includes Chopp’s strange vision.

Here is the quote from the post.

“I’ve had a couple long sessions with Chopp, hearing his passionate
commitment to his idea. He recalls growing up in Bremerton, looking out his
bedroom window at the Olympics, and wanting all citizens to have that
inspiring view.”

3 thoughts on “The View From Bremerton

  1. “…One …idea… take two of the four lanes and dedicate them to Metro Transit bus rapid transit lanes (with stations at Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square). …”

    Great idea and if Chopp is really a Bremerton boy, he will compromise rather than have his ideas tossed out with the wilted salad.

    “,,, looking out his
    bedroom window at the Olympics, and wanting all citizens to have that inspiring view.”…”

    I suggest a big difference between looking out a stationary house window upon natures splendor and distracting a driver by tempting stares at natures splendor driving at speed limit or faster.
    No…we (I don’t!) want to tempt people to look away from their driving. No.

    Some great ideas…but I don’t see any dedicated cycling and walking paths…a must.
    Maybe add a fast commuters rr train too.

    Good article, thanks.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Well. Considering the Governor Chris Gregoire, State Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, US Senator Murray, US Senator Maria Cantwell are all women you can say safely say that yes, Speaker Chopp is the most powerful man in Washington state.

    He is also a nice guy and a great legislator that is really working hard to move Washington State in the right direction. He was born and raised right here in Bremerton.

    On the Viaduct I think they should go with the People’s Waterfront Coalition no rebuild, no tunnel surface option. That is the lowest cost solution.

  3. Binion here:

    So I guess the implication is that I’m a sexist. I should have written “person.” You got me.

    However, to illustrate my point further, Chopp was speaker when Brown was still minority leader, Gregoire won by a margin that could fit on a dance floor, Cantwell and Murray cast votes in the U.S. Senate, not the state Senate. And their majority in that chamber is slight.

    As to your recommendation, what do you think would happen if our leaders removed one of two north/south highway routes through congested downtown Seattle? What would that do to offloading ferry traffic from Kitsap?

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