Bremerton Bracing For Budget Crunch

The dark skies and rain today was appropriate considering the news from city hall.

With cities dependent on taxes on commerce like a diabetic on insulin, the economic hurricane that is rocking the U.S., and potentially the world, is lashing at Bremerton.

Read the story here, where the city’s budget writer Laura Lyon discusses the challenges facing the city.

Click here for a very informative story from Washington CEO, providing insight into Bremerton’s challenge. (It was link on this story that led me to the sales tax revenue info from the state Department of Revenue.)

Click here for the National League of Cities report on how local governments will sail these foaming seas.

And, finally, click here for a Web site that specializes in happy news and ponder this question:

Did people in 1929 realize at the time that it was 1929?

One thought on “Bremerton Bracing For Budget Crunch

  1. “… …plans to develop a new industrial site adjacent to Bremerton National Airport have been slowed by in-fighting between Bremerton and Port Orchard, which feels bullied by the bigger city. In the latest Inc. magazine survey of the nation’s hottest small cities, Bremerton had fallen from 10th to a humble 63rd. …”

    Port Orchard ”feels bullied by the bigger city”…”infighting between Bremerton and Port Orchard”… “Bremerton fallen from 10th to a humble 63rd…” (hot small cities)

    Of all the whiny querulous bit of stupidity and short-sightedness. How does sobbing “feeling bullied” until Bremerton drops from 10th ‘hot’ city to 63rd make you feel? Proud? Entitled? ALL Kitsap County towns can benefit from each other and do. Except for PO. It seems all PO can do is complain about Bremerton rather than focus on the assets – MANY – of PO/SK.

    Each town is wonderful and different in degrees of uniqueness….there is no reason Kitsap County couldn’t become the county with the most varied and sought after towns – for different reasons – in the nation.
    Being blinded by envy and seeking to destroy not uplift harms both towns.
    In my opinion… Sharon O’Hara

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