Bremerton Is That Cat That Hogs The Kibble

From the Port Orchard Independent, Aug. 20, 2008
Comes now, a Port Orchard Independent cartoon that more clearly explains the rift between Bremerton and Port Orchard and emphasizes the county seat of Kitsap’s appeal for victimhood and provincialism.

As you may recall, or not, the two cities are both vying to reap the rewards from the development of a slice of land that had the good fortune to exist between the two political entities.

And the Independent ran a cartoon – previously remarked upon in these pages – that accomplished the dubious achievement of being more confusing and boring than the actual issue.

This cartoon is a vast improvement.

As we can see, Port Orchard is seen as a drooling mongrel apparently surprised that Bremerton, represented by a hungry cat, is eating all the SKIA kibble and swiping at the dog in a way most menacing.

It is a continuation of the “hunger” theme by the cartoonist. Bremerton was represented by a pig in the first cartoon.

As a pet owner and great lover of four-legged mammals, I’ve seen this behavior before: the sneaky, insatiable cat threatening a lumbering, dim-witted canine with violence. It always makes me sad, and inside I wish that the dog would stand up to its diminutive bully.

And that’s what makes this cartoon such a smashing success.

One thought on “Bremerton Is That Cat That Hogs The Kibble

  1. And here I hoping that Porcino, the Boar Magician would pull a 4-year University Center out his Magic Hat next….

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