Seattle Weekly: The Hi-Lo Is Good For What Ails You

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Former Kitsap Sun features writer and current Seattle Weekly staffer Chris Kornelis rolled out of bed Thursday to chase down this review of the Hi-Lo Cafe, the out-of-the-way quirky west Bremerton diner at 2720 15th Street. It’s a tale told from the perspective of a someone who may be rheumy-eyed and headachey from a night’s debasement of his body temple.

The author notes that the Hi-Lo does not serve alcohol. “But, this is Bremerton. And there’s a nearby convenient store with tall-boys and brown bags if you really need a morning fix.”

Kornelis lives in Bremerton, I think, and has been touting the glories of the Sucka Free Zone in the pages of the Weekly, which I use to plug the gaping holes in my Murphy bed box spring. I also use Strangers. Neither works very well, but it’s interesting to see big city coverage of Bremerton that doesn’t have to do with 1) murder 2) the Harborside Fountain Park 3) pasties. Now that Seattle is uninhabitable to those who weren’t born rich, maybe Bremerton will take the mantle of most-favored-suburb. Or even be considered a suburb. I guess that depends on fast ferries.


“In Bremerton — light on Breakfast options, but not as bad as you’d think — the Hi-Low reigns king of the scene.”

If anybody knows of any other non-corporate breakfast joints in Bremerton, drop us a line.

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