Why Don’t the Kids Like Dancing?

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Oh no you didn’t!

Comes now Matt Evans, our reluctant yet courageous Bremerton High School senior who broke principle and went to his senior prom, even though it was in Tacoma. He was kind enough to send a report on the prom our way.

As I said about going to prom, I did. Taking the bus from the school to prom
was fun knowing that I had some friends going and someone to talk to.

When we got to the outside of the museum I thought it was going to be exciting,
seeing the lights in side of it from the outside seeing people standing
outside waiting to get in the elevator to go inside. Seeing the men in
their tuxes or outfits and the girls in their wonderful, beautiful dresses,
got me excited! Hearing the bass from the speakers in the elevator was
sounding interesting.

But when I left the elevator I looked around the music
was playing, the lights for the prom shinning everywhere. But no one was
dancing at first, and not for a while. They soon started to dance. I saw more
juniors there than seniors, but that didn’t bother me. The area seemed small
even though you could go up to another story to look down at the dance floor
and were able to go out on a balcony and enjoy the breeze if you needed to cool off.

The music was OK. The people, well, they were people. The food was OK. Not much of
a variety, but I still wouldn’t try the punch or the chocolate fountain. Later
on I started seeing people in the parking lot down bellow leaving. Kind of
figured they didn’t like the prom. I heard some people saying their
boyfriends were at the hotel or some people were going to leave to do
whatever. So soon before the night was over with it was a little bit less
people than it was before.

I danced once, but afterward just listened to the music and kept my friend
company. She agreed with me that it wasn’t that good either.
All in all I had an OK time and came back safe. I don’t believe anyone had
any problems coming back so that should be a positive thought.

One thought on “Why Don’t the Kids Like Dancing?

  1. “…All in all I had an OK time and came back safe….”

    Has life changed so much that 18 year olds worry about being ‘safe’?
    For the first time I wonder what 9-11 did to our kids?
    It seems apparent that post 9-11 kids come into a different world than the ‘safe’ one I knew as a child growing up….and I’m sorry for that.
    Sharon O’Hara

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