Sympathy for the Rich

Let them eat organic

We’ve heard that food banks are struggling, we’ve read stories about schools with budget deficits and we’ve heard the stories about making do without utilities.

Gas prices are skyrocketing, diesel is at $5 a gallon, which is hiking the price of everything that is trucked to market, which includes about everything.

Most of us received checks in the mail from the government, encouraging us to buy consumer goods, most likely built in China.

What’s missing from this discussion is perspective.

Comes now this story, from the New York Times, about just that, perspective. And strife. Strife that keeps men awake at night, worrying that they have to tell their trophy wives to stop spending. Worrying how long the country club will notice that you’ve been stopping by every day for almond butter and cranberry saffron sliders. Worrying if your neighbor will notice that you have been siphoning gas out of his Hummer to keep your Hummer rolling.

As for perspective, this story really puts it … in.

For further perspective – like that’s always a good thing – check out this comic. It’s called Big Fat Whale, and while it often strays into PG- and R-rated territory, it’s funny. In it, our comic author examines the tough choices the leisure class is facing.

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