Tunnel To Burwell

Here are some more photos taken Tuesday deep in the Bremerton tunnel. Notice the water and the mud, following the afternoon of spring rain and hail.

Here‘s the story about the progress.

All photos were taken by Sun photographer Larry “Handsome Lad” Steagall.

1 tunnel.jpg

This is a view looking east into the tunnel. Project Engineer Brenden Clarke is seen balancing on the rebar, wearing the hunter orange jacket.

tunnel 2.jpg

Here are a couple workers being charmed by Larry. Notice the impressions on the walls (Oooh, Aaaah!). These are made using forms that the contractor, Tri-State Construction, used once before on State Highway 202 near Issaquah, Clarke said. Original bids on the project were turned down because of cost, and part of the reason for the high bids was that the original plan called for white tiles on the walls and ceiling.

tunnel 3.jpg

Here is a view looking west out of the completed part of the tunnel.

tunnel 4.jpg

Here is a view looking east toward the ferry terminal and the uncompleted part of the tunnel.

PS – I got some raised eyebrows for a previous post suggesting that Bremerton is lucky that while digging this tunnel workers haven’t yet unearthed some portal to a magical world full of mythical creatures and Snidely Whiplash characters. My desk editor, David Nelson, said midway through reading the post he thought I might have lost my mind. After all, Nelson noted, it’s not elves or wizards we have to worry about, but Mole People.

3 thoughts on “Tunnel To Burwell

  1. The pretty reliefs on the tunnel sides are nice to look at, but is that a good idea? Should drivers in the tunnel be distracted from watching the road in front of them?

    As for the elves and such, I just figured you guys at the SUN still get high.

  2. I think the peace-loving community of Bremerton has nothing to fear if it is the Mole people that are unearted. From what I’ve read they are an ordered society that prefers to hide from the sun. Could it be that your editor, David Nelson, fears albinos?

  3. cool web information we are visiting family here in belfair and were exsploring one of the many beautiful healthy streams in the area , we came across a creature that i have never before seen wich is not suprising seeing how i was raised in the mid west in indiana , i thought i saw a rock crawling in the bed of the stream and found it to be a nymp of some sort , its bidy was just like a rock but it had a larva type head and tenticals , back home we have cray fish aka crawdads but nothing like this ,,, would any one know what this may be , i am a avid hunter and fisherman in my home stat and am totaly stumped as to what this could be , so any information is appreciated thanks and thanks for the bremerton welcome and hospitality brentr columbus indiana mramey415@comcast.net

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