Green Around The Collar

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A story about veterans being trained at Olympic College for “green collar” jobs got a letter in response, saying that the program is vague and there is no market for people with these skills.

One commenter noted, before calling it a “some smoke and mirror liberal junket,” that the only jobs that will be created are for the people overseeing the program. I know that sort of thing happens, and has happened to me. I’m a graduate of the University of Washington Department of Communications.

Here is the story, describing the move to create the curriculum for the program, which is a sort of Civilian Conservation Corps for Iraq and Afghanistan vets.

As for the job market, here is a story I saw recently describing what these jobs are, which goes into greater depth and might answer questions about the viability of a program tagged with a buzzword like “green collar.”

I’m annoyed by buzzwords too, but just because something has an annoying name, like Andy Binion, doesn’t mean it’s entirely useless.

Also, as this article points out, the “green” movement has its share of charlatans. Think you’re doing somebody a favor by picking the product with the “green” label? You are. Although it might not be the person you want to help.

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