Reinventing Westpark

In the beginning …

Westpark redevelopment is chugging along, despite missing out on a $20 million federal grant. Residents are preparing for the big move away. (Read the story here for more information)

While working on the story I was struck by the long history of the housing project.

For a history lesson, click this. It is a brief rundown on how Bremerton’s housing project came to be.

2 thoughts on “Reinventing Westpark

  1. One of the amazing facts about Westpark is that it took exactly one year to build – July 17, 1940 to July 17, 1941. I think it would be safe to say that it would be impossible to accomplish such a feat today.

    As BHA moves forward with the redevelopment of Westpark, we are interested in memorializing the rich history and remembrances of those who have called Westpark home over the last 67+ years. We look forward to working with the community to collect oral histories and photos that recall the history of Westpark.

    If you have interest in particpating, feel free to contact me.

    Kurt Wiest
    BHA Executive Director

  2. I am very happy to see a real positive change in the Westpark community, and I it is commendable that the heritage is being preserved.
    Now that we are moving forward with this, what are we doing for the children of the future with Westpark? The community center and the ball fields that were there are also now a thing of the past-can it be brought back? Can we have some more ballfields put in? It seems that this would be a fantastic opportunity to enhance the local community, maintain the goals in place, and give the children of our future a priceless gift-all while preserving what once was with an eye to the future!

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