Attorney General Officials in Town Tonight

From the late breaking department:

Four officials from the state Attorney General’s Office will visit Bremerton tonight for a dinner meeting and educational seminar.

Hosted by the Puget Rental Owners Association, the officials will address eminent domain and identity theft, according to an invitation from the association.

Here’s the media release.

When: Tuesday, March 25, 2008; 6:00 PM
Where: AA China Buffet, 3583 Wheaton Way in East Bremerton.
Price: No charge for attendance
Food: If inclined to eat, approx. $10.00 + tip for the a full course Chinese Buffet


Janelle Guthrie, AGO Communications Director;
Tim Ford, AGO Open Government Ombudsman;
Mary Gould and Lisa Hanna, AGO Consumer Protection Division.

Subjects :
1. Confiscation of private property for public use (Eminent Domain) – fair market value of confiscated property; notification requirements; purposes for which eminent domain can be used; blighted property and eminent domain; US Supreme Court decisions in Connecticut and its outfall; Sound Transit acquisition in Pierce County; private sector ventures and the public good; what the state legislators have done in response to the US Supreme Court decision; what the Attorney General (Rob McKenna) has done or proposed on this subject, etc.

2. Identity (ID) Theft – who is being affected/targeted; when do you know; what to do; credit freezes; jurisdictional issues among different states; reporting, to who; local jurisdictional issues in taking reports; how do you protect yourself, etc.

You are all invited to attend and participate in this educational forum.
Dinner and discussion is generally about two + hours….

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