You Don’t Have To Take It, Bremerton!

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Ever think the people who post anonymously after Kitsap Sun stories are too high-

Ever wonder if that person you cut off in the Wal-Mart parking lot ever got over it?

Ever think you’ve figured it all out and everybody else is just stupid?

Have I got the spot for you.

Craigslist hosts a message board for rants and raves from Kitsap County, and if you’re not shy about some racist/sexist/cruel/profane/violent language and a whole lotta angry, powerless people futilely lashing out at a world that has cast them aside, your cup runneth over. With bile.

Click here to behold the creepy glory.

It’s more mindless than prime time television and about as intellectually stimulating as standing in line at the Department of Licensing. In other words, it’s a fun place to waste time that should be spent sleeping/reading/eating/working/living a meaningful life.

There are other interesting Kitsap niches on Craigslist. But I might have to let you figure them out for yourself. This is a family newspaper, er, blog.

4 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Take It, Bremerton!

  1. Such mindless drivel is pointless and without benefit to anyone…
    I believe your comments and thank you for saving my time and effort to link up.

    Mob rule …mob mentality is not a good thing.
    The LA riots … the Salem Witch Hunts … the KKK … Road Rage …
    Thanks, but no thanks…
    Sharon O’Hara


    Why isn’t anyone protecting the beautiful 1920’s bar, dance floor and spiral staircase located at the corner of 5th and Pacific. The Historical Society needs to step in. The flag pole is also important because its on the balcony that the (give em hell) speech was made by President Harry Truman. There are lots of old photos of this great event.
    Do something somebody please before this building is lost like all the rest. The building is for low income and homeless permanent housing (53 units) run by the Catholic Community Services. The building has a huge store front that should be putting these people to work or something but it has done nothing but sit empty for over 10 years. I thought that it was part of the contract with all the bankers involved in the low income project?
    That storefront was to be up and running a long time ago to pay for the project but it just sits ugly and empty.
    I don’t think CCS is interested in giving up such a treasure to the city.
    If you haven’t seen the bar and staircase or heard any of the old stories about the Elks Lodge please get nosy, ask why this place is laying in ruin.
    Lost to the burbs

  3. Thanks….!
    Of all the old buildings in Bremerton I think I loved the old Elks building best.

    Why don’t we contact the Catholic Community Services – 360- 405-9486 and the KCHS. – 360- 479-6226 to ask about these treasures and what they plan for preservation….you’re right, we can’t let them go.

    WHAT IS THE PRICE TO BUY it, save the treasures and turn the old Elks into a useful and active part of the new Bremerton?
    Is it too late to save?
    Who knows?
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. KCHS has no plans for any of the artifacts in the old Elks since it is privately owned by Catholic Community Services.

    I left a message for CCS …and will also thank them for all the good works they do for those needing help…it is hard to believe they would not take care of the wonderful old building and appreciate the treasures inside.
    Sharon O”Hara

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