Car Tab Fun

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OK, so here is the word on car tabs, according to Walt Washington, chief deputy auditor for the Kitsap County Auditor’s Office:

-There were 319,714 cars, trucks and vans licensed in Kitsap County in 2007.

-Here are the fees:

-$30 – base tabs – This money goes to the state.

-75 cents – service fee – It goes to the state, every penny

-$3 for a county service fee

-Weight – Every car and motorcycle pays this. Here is the schedule.

0- 4,000 pounds – $10

4001 – 6,000 pounds – $20

6001 – 8,000 pounds – $30

And so on …

$75 – flat rate for motor homes.

Tonnage fees – 1.5 times scale weight. Fees are assessed using the above schedule.

Gross weight fee – estimate of the total weight of truck with load – fees follow the above schedule.

For your Tauruses and Jettas and Accords driven by Kitsap County residents, the annual price tag for tabs is about $43.75.

If the idea to raise money to tax residents of Bremerton for street surface maintenance is approved, add $20 to that total = $63.75.

What’s a little interesting is that whether a person drives a big, boss pickup truck filled with lead shot, or a Geo Metro, everybody would pay the same to maintain Bremerton streets.

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