Bremerton: Stranger Than Fiction


I’m of the mind that Bremerton is no stranger, no more violent and no more prone to boorish behavior than any other place.

In recent weeks, it’s seemed like Bremertonians have been on their best behavior. CODE 911 has been a yawn. Bring a book.

However, if newspaper stories can be seen as painting a picture of a community, then these stories that ran in today’s paper, all with Bremerton datelines, paint a weird, dayglo graffiti mural of aliens and Sasquatch .

Comes now an atypical incident of domestic violence, where ex-husbands and e-wives are drinking together, and getting into fights over another ex-wife. The weapon of choice is a decorative stand.

Here we have two Navy deserters hanging out in the basement, smoking pot, paranoid about leaving the house. Their paranoia was apparently justified.

Without putting too fine a point on it, some person left a disgusting gift in a microwave for his or her fellow apartment dwellers. The question that came up in my mind: if there was no evidence of a container, as the witness said, how did the perpetrator get the gift into the microwave? It reminds me of the joke about the guy who walks into a tavern holding a cow pie in his hands and exclaims, “Look what I almost stepped in!”

And finally, the most depressing of the Bremerton CODE 911 items, a 14-year-old girl who showed up to school zonked on pain pills. She also told the school resource officer for the district that she stopped drinking at 2 a.m. The concept of explaining when one “stopped drinking” may be foreign to many. It suggests the girl has had significant experience with alcohol.

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