DOC: Opening Doors To Defacement


If the state Department of Corrections has been having trouble getting qualified applicants to staff its prisons, this clandestine artist’s social commentary probably won’t help.

I understand the reference to “pigs,” although that pejorative is usually given to law police officers, not corrections officers. Interesting that the nurse was left untouched.

Former Bremerton Beat blogger Steve Gardner said he noticed the graffiti this week. The sign, located of Fifth Street between Warren Avenue and Park Avenue, has been there about a year.

Like the Admiral Theater’s creative spelling of Shakespeare’s name, we’ll stay tuned to see how long it takes to clean this up.

2 thoughts on “DOC: Opening Doors To Defacement

  1. The state Department of Corrections has notified the sign company of the vandalism, DOC spokesman (and former Kitsap Sun reporter) Chad Lewis said Wednesday.

    “I’m not sure of the time frame, but they are the ones to fix it,” Lewis said. “It should be hopefully soon.”

  2. So the graffiti on the sign that turned three out of four DOC employees into pigs has been removed.

    Chad Lewis, DOC spokesman, just sent an e-mail saying that the contractor notified him of the removal.

    I walked out to check it out and sure enough, the graffiti, along with the sign, is no more. It’s now a big, gray blotch.

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