Red Light Runners Beware

As you’ve traveled in Bremerton lately the city’s police department may have studied your movement through intersections. The city has been testing potential intersections for camera placement to catch and fine people who run red lights.

Kitsap Sun reporter Josh Farley will be meeting with Bremerton Police Lt. Pete Fisher next week to get details on which intersections get the cameras and what the initial studies showed. We’ve heard rumors. If they’re true, ka-ching!

The city will use the cameras for a month and send warnings, but after that the infraction costs $124.

We’ve heard the city could have sent out a lot of tickets. “How many” you ask? “A lot,” I answer. We heard a number, but I can neither confirm nor deny, because the consequence of being wrong about it is just as excruciating as watching that guy on American Idol who had his chest hair waxed. Thank you, Newark.

Let’s put it this way. Redflex will get just under $5,000 a month per camera, about $40,000 a month. Or, if there aren’t enough tickets issued, the company will get whatever amount the cameras generate.

So the multiple choice question is, given the rumored number, would the cameras generate enough tickets to pay for themselves and provide revenue to the city?

A. No
B. Maybe
C. Yes
D. Oh my gosh, yes!
E. What the &%#*@!

Answer: E

This does not account for the fact that once cameras are up, people will be more aware and not so inclined to test it. But even if you cut the rumored number in half, the answer is still E.

3 thoughts on “Red Light Runners Beware

  1. Steven, I know you have a lot on your plate but are you getting enough rest? The angle of this post is a little off of your normal pace…..Just checking.

    On the plus side, these cameras may help prevent a few accidents, by causing some people to be more aware of what they are doing in these areas. On the down side, the real offenders will just continue to speed up and down the side streets just before and after these intersections, ignoring crosswalks, school children and stop signs to save 30 seconds and avoid the light. They are doing it every morning and evening already in the area near where I live.

  2. Good for Bremerton. I hope the County will do the same thing, beginning with Bethel and Lund where a red light means 2 more cars go through.

    My vote for Bremerton is the downtown intersections near the ferry terminal. High volume = big return. And plenty of pedestrian lives are at stake, including mine.

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