How the Whirl Churns

Somehow I doubt that this would be the first place you’ve heard of the Bremerton guy who put the Santa on the Cross. I’m pretty confident of that, because if you didn’t see it first on another blog entry, the original story, you could have seen it

on Q13 FOX,
on KING 5,
in the News Tribune,
on Yahoo!,
in The Seattle Times,
in the Spokesman-Review,
on Free Republic,
on Drudge,
In Illinois,
in Michigan,
in New York,
in Texas,
in Canada,
or in China.

I wrote the story later Friday and when I got home I checked the Web to find the comments. By Saturday the story had been published in Germany and Australia. I got an e-mail from a radio reporter in Norway.

Monday I called Art Conrad, he said he’d been interviewed by stations in New York and was was scheduled to speak with Neil Cavuto as his last interview. He wished me a merry Christmas.

5 thoughts on “How the Whirl Churns

  1. I believed in Santa once upon a time. But over the years I have seen it get more and more commecialized. It’s all about $$$$$ now; the retailers don’t even wait for summer to be over with and they are putting Christmas displays out. We never saw this till after Thanksgiving in my time growing up. I guess this year it will all backfire on the retailers with this recession we are now in thanks to our leaders.

  2. Why blame the retailers? They are in business to sell merchandise.

    Blame, if you must… the people who buy the Christmas items in August.

    They probably think they’re ahead of the Christmas rush….no crime in that.

    To a kid, it is all about the presents Santa brings, or doesn’t bring each year… it has been all about the money to buy the presents for as long back as I can recall.

    The parents, not the retail stores, set the tone for their children’s holiday belief system.
    The religious aspect works side by side with Santa Claus, Ms. Annie Claus, Ms. Nancy Rudolf, Dancer and even the joyful Snowman, Frosty. The music is uplifting and joyful.

    Of note is the general feeling of good will, polite and generous driving habits, kindness and generosity

    In my opinion…Sharon O’Hara

    PS: It is surprising that news of Mr. Conrad’s ‘display’ of – whatever it was – made it out of Bremerton.

    Best wishes to all, and to all a Good Night.

  3. Congratulations to you, Steve. It must be so satisfying to see your work have an international appeal. Not only that, but it looks like Santa on a Cross might actually have a shot at beating the lug-nut story for the “most talked about and e-mailed story of the year!”

    Congratulations to both Port Orchard and Bremerton residents, for knowing how to get people talking about their towns!

  4. You the nose for news Mr. Steve . I have seen this on blogs also all over .

    Is quite different and beyond the strange , even for this crazy world of ours .

  5. Congratulations to Mr. Art Conrad for expressing what many people knew is true but were afraid to speak up

    Christmas, as it was once known in the United States, appears to be lost in space. Now it’s all about assuring that you have “checked off everyone on your list” and purchased presence for everyone imaginable.

    I live in Europe where life is slower, where families spend time together during the holidays and celebrate over a glass of hot spiced wine (They don’t have Mothers against drunk drivers either, however people walk more and the state provided excellent mass transit in nearly every city).

    Childern can generally expect to get “a” present, but probably something simple and personal.

    What a concept

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