Guys Need Flowers

A blog I never knew anything about includes four reasons guys can use flowers.

It’s done by Bill Gross, who owns the Flowers to Go shops around these parts. I know Mr. Gross, but I didn’t know this bit of history:

Gross, owner of Flowers to Go, has brought thousands of flowers to the people of western Washington. He’s changed the floral industry into affordability and convenience. He started with a flower bucket on the streets of Bremerton 25 years ago and from there started transforming old burger joints into drive-through flower shops. He now owns and runs the most flower shops in the state.

Reason 4 you should send flowers to a guy:

A Rutgers Behavioral Study concludes that flowers trigger happy emotions, life satisfaction and improve social behavior.

I believe that’s true, but only when I’m sending flowers to my wife. When I do, that is improved social behavior by definition. It’s certainly an improvement over leaving the seat up. As for the happy emotions, when I send her flowers she’s more likely to overlook that I keep procrastinating taking the recyclables down to the bin, so that triggers my happy emotions and life satisfaction.

If someone were to send me flowers I’m not sure I could find room on my desk.

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