Runyon in District 4

With Thursday’s vote totals in, Roy Runyon is your winner in District 4. The vote total has now surpassed what we saw in the primary and Runyon has built on his lead. He’s got 219 votes, 54 percent, to Carlos Jara’s 186, 45 percent.

That ups his margin to 33 votes, almost double what he had Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Runyon in District 4

  1. I’d like to be the first one to congratulate Roy.

    It seems like this campaign has gone on forever (6 months), and I am glad it is over (for now), as is my wife! 😉

    This was a very tight race, and I believe we are at a point in our community’s history to make real change. Over the next year, the City will go back to the people to seek approval and commitment on our City’s future with significant proposals.

    I do hope that both the City explains the full scope and benefits to the Community, and that the people do vote for the long-term, not the short-term. It’s not only what your City can do for you. It is what you can do by working with your City.

    I am thankful for the privilege and honor I had in meeting the folks I did during my campaign. I am especially thankful to those who believe in me and continue to support me, and the new friends I have made.

    Best regards!
    Carlos Jara
    Former City Council Candidate
    District 4 – Bremerton

  2. Carlos, thanks for the congrats…but you’re not the first. I hope you’ll stay engaged in city affairs and continue to contribute and (hopefully) benefit from current and future efforts to maintain and enhance our city’s vitality.

    The decisive election results in the district 4 council race signal the need for a re-examination of city priorities in light of voters’ REAL WORLD economic and other concerns.

    The overwhelming (and surprising) failure of the parks levy points to a massive breakdown in communication between our citizens and their government. This breakdown is what city leaders should be sensitive to. Furthermore, the parks levy failure exemplifies the law of unintended consequences, specifically the blowback resulting from the Port of Bremerton “marina tax” for a marina that would most directly benefit BREMERTON residents!

    Instead of going back to the drawing board on the parks levy, we should be focusing on how we’re gonna’ fund ESSENTIAL street repairs and carry out other core functions.

    Our government must understand it doesn’t operate in a vacuum. The same taxpayers asked to pay more for parks are generally paying more for essentials like food, housing, transportation, utilities, etc. City leaders should acknowledge this and act accordingly. Tough choices may have to be made…choices I don’t look forward to.

    Yours in Service,

    Roy Runyon
    Bremerton City Council District 4

  3. Carlos …I have a sad feeling you’ll be badly needed on the city council by the next election, or even before.

    Let us hope he won’t cause too much damage in the meantime.
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. Congrats Roy! For as long as I have known you (11 years!) you have been dedicated to the greater good of all through activism and public service. You are always willing to put your money where your mouth is – a rare thing today in politics. Good going! I know Bremerton will only benefit from your leadership.

  5. Hmmm… Still there seems to be more mean spiritedness than I would like to see, with Sharon taking an ugly shot at Roy and Roy saying an ungracious “you’re not the first.”

    Ah well….they tried.

  6. I am honored to say that because of this election, my husband and I have discovered and gotten to know our neighbors, Carlos and Christina. Carlos is one of the most gracious individuals I have run into in a long time.

    I on the other hand, kick “gracious” aside when it comes to the issues and what I expect from my leadership. I do not want theatrics, self promotion and soundbites to be more important than the needs of my neighborhood. I do not want movie recommendations in regards to my voting choices (comment from another thread). I want to know how the leadership intends to deal with the sidewalk down the block from my house that is broken, uneven and dangerous. I want to know how the leadership intends to deal with the unsafe traffic conditions in my neighborhood. If that is ungracious, then so be it.

  7. Sharon,
    Everyone who reads and or comments on The Kitsap Sun blogs realizes you have an opinion on everything, that does not mean we all need to respect your numerous opinions. You do not live in the 4th District or even in Bremerton so as a Bremerton resident I find your snipe at Mr. Runyon uncalled for. I do not live in the 4th District so I trust that those residents considered their issues and the majority felt that Mr. Runyon could best help them address those concerns. I have met both Mr. Runyon and Mr. Jara and thought them to both have opinions that I disagreed with and opinions I was in agreement with. The point being that the residents of District 4 make the decision on who represents them, not me in an adjacent district but espeicially not you who does not even live in Bremerton!

  8. Colleen,
    I don’t believe I recall anyone saying you were ungracious. I can understand your frustration with a broken sidewalk, but not your anger.

  9. Jane – this forum is for comments and opinions. All of us have the right to express an opinion. How can you think otherwise?
    I don’t know or care what, if any, opinions you might have in any area of the county or world but I support your right to have them.
    It is surprising that you feel the need to condemn my right to express opinions …to even notice I have opinions – usually strong opinions on more than one subject. Does the Kitsap Sun limit us?
    I support your right to express yourself…even without using your own name.

    “…Everyone who reads and or comments on The Kitsap Sun blogs realizes you have an opinion on everything, that does not mean we all need to respect your numerous opinions….”

    I doubt very much ‘everyone’ who reads the Kitsap Sun notices what I write about or care what I write about. Why would you think you are ‘expected’ to respect my ‘numerous opinions’ … they are not written for anyone but myself and my point of view. Why do you care?

    I’m surprised you have the time to notice what I comment on…and your lack of awareness that your agreement or disagreement is immaterial.
    Bremerton is a place I care deeply about…and am now concerned about. I’ve also lived long enough to know ..’this too shall pass’…
    Sharon O’Hara

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