Late Votes

In the two council races where late votes were worth watching, the leaders are still ahead. Will Maupin picked up a vote to increase his margin to 35 over Eric Younger.

In the Roy Runyon-Carlos Jara race downtown, Runyon’s lead narrowed by six votes.

Last night I wrote that Jara would have to get 61 percent of the remaining votes if the general election vote total matches the primary. For the votes counted Wednesday he got 55 percent.

I’m capable of being a math geek, so let’s look at the numbers. County elections officials say there are about 20,000 more ballots left to count. If that plays out equally across the county, that would mean 124 more votes in District 4. Jara would have to get 71 votes, 57 percent, to win.

Typically, that doesn’t happen. Late voting trends don’t often stray too far from the early votes. Though Jara did make up six votes today, I don’t know of any circumstances that would cause me to predict that will continue.

We’ll find out at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow.

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