Having Fun at Bremerton’s Expense

A copy of this entry appears on the Speaking of South Kitsap blog, hosted by SK reporter Chris Henry.

I was asleep at the switch when Bremerton reporter Steve Gardner posted this entry on the Bremerton Beat. The entry, “That’s Your Business,” makes fun of a store in Port Orchard called “Tobacco Tobacco.” Gardner asks, “Do people in Port Orchard have to be told everything twice?” Never mind that he also gets in a dig at a dog grooming store in Manette called “Doggy Style.” I consider the gauntlet thrown and am responding in kind, albeit belatedly.

Here are three signs I saw recently in Bremerton.

This happens to me all the time in Scrabble. And as my opponents remind me, you can fool some of the people some of the time …

Now, completely out of z’s, the good folks at Newman’s Deli Mart (and towing service) get creative. Hmmm, is it just me, or is there something vaguely unappetizing about this meal deal?

Here’s the latest in trendy diets, “Pumpkin Free Shrimp.” In large industrial complexes reminiscent of Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle,” tiny sea creatures are forced to heft pumpkins to increase their muscle mass for hungry consumers. But at Noah’s, you can get shrimp that were allowed to range free in their tank, no pumpkins on their backs, before being boiled and flash frozen for your dining pleasure.

One thought on “Having Fun at Bremerton’s Expense

  1. If you live in Bremerton and pay attention to Noah’s Ark sign’s, you would would know the following….

    1. Gyros 3 for $10 dollars
    3. Free SHRIMP with any seafood entree

    #3….they ALWAYS offer free shrimp or clams with every seafood entree.

    it’s not “Pumpkin Free Shrimp”

    NO DUH!! ;o)

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