Park Visions

A rendering of the Harborside Park extension from the corner of Burwell Street and Pacific Avenue, over the tunnel.

Gary Sexton, Bremerton’s economic development boss, gave a presentation about the new park extension that will top the tunnel along Pacific and drew applause. There were only about four people there who weren’t reporters or with the city, but the applause was a noticeable distraction. The rendering above is just one of those that appeared to draw the awes of the city council and everyone else in the room, except for Sexton and maybe this jaded reporter. I’m not confessing anything.

This goes on top of a story in the Seattle P-I that went online Wednesday. Gordy Holt writes:

As soil was being turned just one year ago, Mayor Cary Bozeman promised another “great public place” for his city’s emerging waterfront.

Turns out he was wrong.

Bremerton’s new Harborside Fountain Park is plainly incredible, and likely will be seen as unmatched anywhere around Puget Sound.

If any of the sentiment expressed Wednesday captures what will happen when the park’s finished, Holt and others might have to come back.

5 thoughts on “Park Visions

  1. Too bad not one minute of public input is allowed in Mr. Sexton’s park designs. Although the public is being asked to increase our taxes to pay for long delayed improvements, neigh,, basic maintenance to our neighborhood parks the City Council & Mayor Bozeman bow down to the whims of every utterance of Mr. Sexton. The true residents of Bremerton are paying the way for the residents of the heavily subsidized downtown condo owners.

  2. Oh, my. We might be able to live with it…but I didn’t see the cycling paths to make living with it easier.
    Sharon O’Hara

  3. A question, please, Bremerton Homeowner:

    How are condo owners ‘heavily subsidized’?
    I thought the condo units are bought just as a single home is bought bringing a larger population base in the same footprint.
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. Geez, Bremerton homeowner. Gary Sexton was responsible for the beautiful and popular fountain park. I think he’s shown he does a pretty good job at this sort of thing!!

  5. Right, Greg…I’d leave him alone to design…make the impossible shine.
    Has to have bike paths though…
    Sharon O’Hara

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