Bremerton Haiku

Over on the Speaking of South Kitsap blog they’re taking Bremerton to task, in one case because Port Orchard achieved the cultural highpoint of having a Popeyes before Bremerton.

I guess I won’t get any comeuppance until Tony Orlando returns to the Admiral.

Anyway, they’re responding with Haikus, such as:

Visit Bremerton
The view from there is quite nice
If you look beyond

C’mon Bremerton. Are you going to take that without a response? Here’s my first offering.

Bremerton new life
wanting golden symbol like
Port Orchard marquee

Give it your best Bremerton. Don’t make me be the only one to defend your honor.

5 thoughts on “Bremerton Haiku

  1. What is the story on the fire on Robinson in East Bremerton last night. Just how many guns were in that place and why did the resident have so many? Were they legal? Were there dogs there who perished? This is somewhat near my neighbor hood (Forest Drive) and was not happy to hear about so many guns.

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