Downtowners (Seattle) Like Groceries

Seattleites, too, are delighted about the news a new downtown grocery store.

The store is intended to serve not only the increasing number of nearby condo and apartment residents, but also workers in the area and passers-by.

“This store is significant because downtown Seattle’s residential population is growing rapidly, but the square footage of food stores there has not grown to match,” said grocery-industry consultant Bert Hambleton, who advised Myers on the deal.

“The downtown central business district of Seattle is one of the most ‘understored’ areas in the Pacific Northwest.”

This is relevant here because a grocery store is what most people agree downtown Bremerton needs and will get when the J.C. Penney building is redeveloped.

One thought on “Downtowners (Seattle) Like Groceries

  1. Ok. So when is the JC Penney building actually getting renovated? Also, do you know what is going to happen to New Delhi when that project starts? I hope they don’t get priced out of their space.

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