A Bremerton Paynter Exits

Seattle P-I columnist Susan Paynter once interviewed for a job at this paper. She reveals:

For my first job interview at the Bremerton Sun it was routine to warn a young newlywed that she’d have to promise not to get pregnant.

She got a job at the P-I.

This was it, the big leagues for an almost 23-year-old from Bremerton with big hair and even bigger ideas.

Paynter is retiring after 39 years.

One thought on “A Bremerton Paynter Exits

  1. Well, Steven..going back 40 plus years or so …if memory serves, Susan did work for the Bremerton Sun for a time.

    She was Assistant Editor to Jane Brinson, Editor of the Woman’s Section (or whatever the home economics page was called then)

    When the editor, Janie Brinson, left for an out of state school reunion and didn’t come back, Susan stepped in and very capably took care of business— as I recall.

    Susan was and is a good writer, smart, reliable, beautiful and a personable young girl plus these 39 years or so.

    Thanks for the memories…
    Sharon O’Hara

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