Signs and Cameras

Bremerton will soon have cameras at traffic lights. In the Los Angeles area, you’ll find them elsewhere as well. This L.A. Times story discusses cameras at stop signs.

Drivers are getting used to the red-light cameras sprouting up at busy intersections around Southern California. But are they ready for what officials describe as the nation’s first stop-sign cameras?

Some residents of Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Topanga Canyon and other well-heeled communities near the new cameras are already battling to have them removed. They insist that the parks authority is violating state law by installing them — a charge officials deny.

One thought on “Signs and Cameras

  1. And I notice this is being conducted by Redflex, the same company that will be installing the Red Light Cameras for Bremerton.

    For all of the drivers who object to Red Light and Speed Cameras, the most effective way to make it not profitable is to Stop on Red at that intersection. This includes going to a Full and Complete Stop before making a Right-hand Turn on Red.

    Drive Safe, and make Bremerton bad business for Redflex.

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