Even Stoners Hate Bremerton

On the Web site Cannabis.com a newcomer to Kitsap County named Darwin writes that he’s new to the area, loves to “Camp and troutfish,” and play “C@C Red alert2.” That he loves doing something else should be obvious by the site he’s posting on.

He’s looking for like-minded people. I’m guessing he wouldn’t mind a “connection” either, but I digress.

Killerweed420 responds “Bremerton sucks.lol”

Lol? Really? If you think “Bremerton sucks” is laugh-out loud funny, then it’s 4:20 somewhere.

Same for JoeBear, who wrote “Welcome to Washington. I guess this means i’m not the new kid anymore! YAY! lol”

These people crack themselves up over the lamest comments.

SaH was in a bad mood, though, writing in response to the “Bremerton Sucks” line, “Yeah escape while you can….”

Boy I’d like to know what the rest of that thought was.

I don’t know if all marijuana enthusiasts dislike Bremerton, but this bunch did. That can’t be good news for the folks at Pied Pipers Emporium.

2 thoughts on “Even Stoners Hate Bremerton

  1. So Steve, the obvious questions is: what were you doing there? Oh, yeah, research…

    Seriously, if all these self-congratulatory stoners were to catch the next bus out of town, would that be the last nail in Bremerton’s coffin, or would it be the next stage in its “rebirth”?

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