Roadside Budgeting

The state’s contribution to a Wheaton Way road project is prominent, thanks in large part to the improved access for emergency vehicles.

Travel Wheaton Way south headed toward the Warren Avenue Bridge and you’ll spot a sign telling you about the road project, particularly who is writing the checks.

Phil Williams, Bremerton’s Public Works director, said providing that kind of information is “very common,” especially “on projects that connect to or are part of the state road system.”

The project is designed to create better access between Wheaton and Harrison Medical Center, which is one of the main reasons the state ponied up $629,549 in grant money to help pay for it. The city’s portion was the required match.

3 thoughts on “Roadside Budgeting

  1. Wheaton Way has long needed an off ramp to Callahan. It often can take less time to walk from the intersection of Sheridan-Wheaton down to Lebo via the stairs than to wait two cycles to turn left and meander on down in a vehicle.

  2. Fortunately, the City of Bremerton fixes roads for human travel. Kitsap County, on the other hand, tears up roads for fish passages. Some roads are closed for weeks and others for months or years. I believe the county has not built ANY new roads during the past 10 years! Wonder why we have gridlock?!

    Mass Transit is important for communities, but it’s not the solution. The transit bus does not stop by Costco on the way home from work. People will continue to drive their cars and trucks.

    It’s time for the mass transit advocates who want to force people out of their cars to practice what they preach and start taking the bus.

  3. The transit bus WOULD stop at Costco with a transfer.

    That is the problem…we’re not committed to getting our cars OFF the highways saving energy, reducing pollution, increasing physical fitness by cycling and walking.

    If we don’t, as a community, make a concentrated effort to change our dependence on cars…we’ll likely always have to drive to Costco.
    Trouble is their parking lot is usually full…

    Costco ‘should’ offer cycling parking AND delivery service. Cabs could be lined up in front to load the boxes and deliver them …including bike racks to hold the shoppers bike.
    Why not?
    Sharon O’Hara

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