Bozeman Running Again?

Mayor Cary Bozeman filed a candidate registration form with the state’s Public Disclosure Commission, indicating he’s a candidate for Bremerton mayor in 2009.

That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll run. On Thursday he said he probably won’t decide for another year or so.

The state requires candidates to file with the PDC before raising funds. Bozeman plans to have a campaign event Aug. 28. He hopes it’s an annual event as long as he’s in office.

4 thoughts on “Bozeman Running Again?

  1. Well, ask him if he is a candidate for Bremerton or another city.

    Other cities may well try to woo him away to help fix their town…but the good mayor’s work in Bremerton and Kitsap County won’t be finished by 2009…
    we need him and his team.

    I shudder to think Bremerton could go back to another rudderless voyage to nowhere.
    …in my opinion,
    Sharon O’Hara

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