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The Olympian (which coincidentally is headquartered in Olympia) ran a story Sunday comparing revitalization efforts in Bremerton, Vancouver and Bellingham to Olympia.

While Olympia struggled with downtown issues and projects that went nowhere, Bremerton built a waterfront conference center with a hotel; a six-story government building including a new City Hall; and two condominium buildings with units selling for up to $1.7 million. In five years, it has gained 265 residential units.

There’s also a slideshow.

Leaders in Olympia tout the three cities’ plans as one of the keys to their success.

Unlike Bremerton, Vancouver and Bellingham, Olympia does not have a downtown master plan.

“We don’t have one,” said Keith Stahley, director of Olympia Community Planning and Development. “We have 12.”

Read the comments for the story as well. Start at the bottom.

2 thoughts on “Olympian Visits

  1. … exactly right. Grow or become stagnant and rot. People AND towns.
    We WILL have foot ferries between our towns connecting us to the world … it is the common sense and responsible way of the future. Our waterways are our way to growth…
    Congratulations to everyone involved!
    I can’t help but think of Joe Mentor and Louie …they’d be smiling…maybe downright laughing…. Bremerton’s come a long way, baby.
    ..in my opinion,
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Steve,

    Nice catch on the article. You are correct, the comments are instructive and entertaining.
    I do note the absence of any mention of the Bremer Trust and its “elephant in the living room” contribution to the lack of past progress downtown.

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