Seattle on Bremerton Again

In early 2006 the Seattle City Council came to Bremerton for a retreat, to establish some policy goals for the upcoming year and to hear about Bremerton’s face lift.

Monday morning it was Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels in town. He didn’t stay overnight. In fact, toward the end of his speech he referenced as his the ferry boat everyone could see out the huge windows of the Fountain Room.

He wasn’t here to see anything. He came to talk about green cities, the discussion of which you can read about here and here.

He had some specific comments about Bremerton. He used to ride the ferry to see movies at the Admiral. It’s a new place, he said, something his city is trying to emulate.

Referring to the defeat of his plan for a tunnel to replace the viaduct in Seattle, he said, “Congratulations Mayor Bozeman on your waterfront tunnel.”

Bremerton is one of the 618 cities that are part of an effort Nickels started, to get cities to agree to the Kyoto Protocol agreement to reduce carbon emissions, even if the federal government won’t. Nonetheless, City Councilman Mike Shepherd said there’s more Bremerton can do to walk the talk.

The council might have a discussion on the issue at a fifth-Wednesday workshop in August.

2 thoughts on “Seattle on Bremerton Again

  1. If they aren’t already…maybe the Bremerton City Council and Mayor will
    lead the way by commuting to work by bikes, recumbent trikes, or roller
    skates, skateboard… anything to show their dedication to the ideal.

    Good leaders lead by example and I know Bremerton has good leaders.
    Maybe the Kitsap Sun could canvas the our Kitsap County towns,
    Jefferson too… and let the voters know which elected officials leave
    their cars at home and commute by other means.

    I’m not surprised Bainbridge Island has signed up too…but I’m shocked
    Poulsbo hasn’t stepped up to the ‘green’ plate…Port Orchard too.

    Are the CEO (they look to be young and fit) at management level at the Kitsap Sun and Harrison Medical Center cycling or walking to work?

    Probably most of the Kitsap Medical Center cycle or walk to work, considering their line of work. They see firsthand the consequences of flab and low to no muscle and tone.

    Sharon O’Hara

  2. …. someday I’m going to proof read…………
    .I meant.. HARRISON Medical Center…but you knew who I meant!.. sorry.
    Sharon O’Hara

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