Silverdale Gets Its Own Recognition

In May 2006 after Inc. Magazine called Bremerton-Silverdale one of its top boom towns (No. 13), the Central Kitsap Reporter included as its house editorial (the unsigned opinion piece) a rant telling Bremerton to “Get off Silverdale’s coattails.” Its point was that Bremerton was getting all the recognition for the economic stuff happening in unincorporated Silverdale.

Never mind that the Inc. story talked mostly about Bremerton.

“For years, Bremerton’s waterfront was nothing more than a parking lot for the city’s top employer, the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Boarded-up buildings have been replaced with retail stores thanks to a harborside development program that includes a $47 million conference center, hotel and condo complexes.”

So now that has Silverdale listed as the 99th best place to live in America, should Bremertonians complain that the CK non-city is getting undue credit for the changes going on in a place where ferries actually do arrive from Seattle?

Silverdale is located on the Kitsap Peninsula, a short ferry ride from Seattle across the Puget Sound.

Well, before we get hasty, there are some real pluses to Silverdale.

Now known as the major retail center for Kitsap County, the unincorporated community is home to both quaint shops on the waterfront and Kitsap Mall, one of the largest shopping complexes on the West Sound.

True it is. Fact is Bremerton did benefit from Silverdale in much of the recognition it received. I’m not sure that warranted the tantrum about the coattails, which I’m guessing might have been written at the behest of some folks who are quite proud of the area formerly known as Dickeyville, a place that will one day succeed in governing itself.

Besides, publications such as Money change the criteria every year. When Bremerton was ranked the top place in 1990, that recognition was because the magazine included the entire county. Surely Bremerton would not have won on its own. Even now you’ve got to wonder if the city as a whole would qualify. It didn’t make the CNNMoney list this year, I’m guessing because of the city’s income and crime rates.

So lets take off our hats, bow and offer a mighty congratulations to Silverdale. Enjoy your year on the list.

4 thoughts on “Silverdale Gets Its Own Recognition

  1. Bremerton riding Silverdale’s coattails? Give me a break! Bremerton’s success comes in part from the fact that it has a modern municipal government with the political and economic ability to make some serious changes. Silverdale has failed to incorporate despite multiple attempts. Its own residents have chosen to remain wedded to the county government and loses any hope of the civic pride and accomplishment Bremerton enjoys.

  2. Actually Greg…I think the article was written in jest.

    Bremerton is coming into her own again due to STRONG leadership and a outstanding support team….no other reason. I hope Bremerton keeps the good balance….without adding flim flam characters.

    Silverdale is Silverdale. Incorporated or not, she has grown from a one caution light town on Silverdale Way into a thriving, retail and health centered core in Kitsap County.

    Good leadership, ideas and visionaries are not confined to incorporated towns.

    Bremerton and Silverdale … apples and oranges – no comparison. Both have their own identity – their own charm.
    Sharon O’Hara

  3. I suppose you make some good points, Sharon. The problem for Silverdale is they don’t have that strong leadership you refer to. Maybe they like it that way, but I wonder, might they do even better if they were their own city?

    I guess it’s still a pretty great place, after all. You’re absolutely right with the charm. I guess I’m just a bit partial to my town…

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