Bremerton Shrunk

Lots of papers have stories about Washington’s population hitting 6.5 million, but the News-Tribune in Tacoma has an added bit.

• Bremerton is the only area city to see its population decline since 2000. Its population fell by nearly 1,500 people to 35,810.

In October we had another story about the county’s slow, but steady, population increase. The Bremerton population decrease was given some context.

The biggest drop came between the 2004 and 2005 estimates, when the population dropped from 37,520 to 34,580. In 2006, the estimates picked back up to 35,910.

The dip, local officials say, was likely due in part to the departure of the USS Carl Vinson and three fast-combat support ships that were decommissioned around that time.

Bremerton Mayor Cary Bozeman sees the uptick in the population of the city and surrounding areas as part of a trend that’s just getting its legs.

“We’re starting to see the fruits of some of our labor,” he said, commenting on the city’s efforts to increase job opportunities. “A lot of it has to do with people’s ability to find work and live where they work.”

New condos along the downtown waterfront, an East Park development, another one in West Hills, the new Westpark and other scattered developments should have the city’s population increasing again.

5 thoughts on “Bremerton Shrunk

  1. Bremerton has median household income of $30,950 at last census and a home ownership rate of only 41.4%. If half of the population makes less than $30,950 how are they going to afford Bozeman’s waterfront condos? Where is the affordable housing that has been promised by so many developers and Realtors?

  2. Bremerton has many homes for sale at affordable price …under 100k.

    Few ‘regular’ people can afford waterfront anywhere, much less Bremerton’s new waterfront condos.

    How and why could you expect such expensive real estate at low cost?
    Sharon O’Hara

  3. Hi Jake,

    I’m trying to remember where or when I heard a developer or realtor promised affordable housing?? Where did you hear it?

    I would love a public discussion of affordable housing, but for the most part I’ve heard from realtors and developers that the reason there is no affordable housing is that there are too many environmental restrictions and building code requirements. Very few want to talk about their profit margins that I’ve tried to discuss.

  4. Maybe the population would grow faster if we were not taxed to death. After the Port of Bremerton mess (blessed by our Mayor), now after 400 people survey, it is being discussed to add a road/park levy on the November ballet. Come on leadership of Bremerton, why not cut out some of that nice stuff in your little downtown area (new park, free wi-fi, boardwalks, etc). Instead of trying to attract new people, why don’t you try to keep the ones that are already live here.

  5. What, in dollar amount, is considered ‘affordable housing’?

    Bremerton has many homes for sale under 100 thousand dollars … too high for affordable housing?

    Don, I’m sorry I don’t know but what should Bremerton be doing to keep the home owners already living there… ?
    Sharon O’Hara

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