J.C. Penney Building Hurdle Cleared

Last week Ron Sher, who’s planning to redevelop the former J.C. Penney site, said he and the Bremer Trust would hope to have the sales agreement signed by the fall.

On Wednesday city officials said they signed an agreement to lease parking spaces to the trust so it can continue to meet its parking space obligations to tenants and other clients.

How significant this is in terms of the sales agreement, I don’t yet know. I called trust officials and didn’t hear back. Sher didn’t want to discuss details last week, but you have to consider this to be at least one of the hurdles to overcome to get the dealt signed.

One thought on “J.C. Penney Building Hurdle Cleared

  1. I used to live near Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. It’s one of Ron Sher’s earlier developments. It’s a great place, and I really hope he can accomplish something similar here in Bremerton.

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