Bremerton’s First Health Nut

Helen HiggenPerhaps there’s little better evidence of healthy life choices than almost making it to 100. Then again, I think George Burns smoked cigars until the day he died, at 100.

Nonetheless, the woman acknowledged as Bremerton’s most prominent “health nut” died last month at 99. On Sunday friends and family were scheduled to have a memorial in her honor.

“She calls me over and says, ‘I can help you get rid of that unwanted pregnancy,'” Bruce Pregnall, 52, remembered of his first meeting with Higgen. “She was sharp as a tack. Oh, that woman had a sense of humor, and did a lot for the community.”

She opened a store, gave classes and sent her kids to school with lunches that prompted their friends to tease that they were eating “cow food.”

Unwanted pregnancy? I must be expecting triplets.

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