Best Places on Bremerton

On my desk for several weeks is the book Best Places Northwest, edited by onetime Sun reporter Sally Farhat. She had my job before Eric Williams did.

The book has entries on a number of Kitsap communities. The book calls Bremerton “up-and-coming” and “just on the cusp of being cool.”

“Bremerton is experiencing an influx of people looking for metropolitan comforts without the traffic and smog.”

Is the air quality here better than it is on the other side of the sound?

3 thoughts on “Best Places on Bremerton

  1. Having spent yers as the Kitsap rep on the Air Quality Board and checking the actual data, I can say that our air quality is not significantly different than the Seattle side.
    Subjectively though, I always take a deep breath when I come home to Bremerton and smell (and feel) that our atmosphere is better here than anywhere!

  2. Where is the best spot in town to see a sunset?

    Best spot to see sunrise?

    Best spot to watch fireworks?

    Best spot for a first date?

    Best spot to break up?

    Best running route in town?

    Best bike ride in town?

    Best spot to have a family picnic?

  3. I don’t know if the air quality is any better, but after having lived on that side throughout the 90’s, I can definitely say that I enjoy living on this side (almost 10 yrs now) much more, simply because of the traffic and less hustle and bustle.

    I don’t think I could live on that side of the water again. I love the convenience of being able to get to downtown by hopping on a boat and letting someone else “do the driving.” I live 11 miles from my job, and it takes me 15-20 minutes (depending on signals) to get there. How long would that take in Seattle? At least an hour. No thank you.

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