Bremerton Kindergartners Post Impressive Results

An assessment program that tracks children’s reading levels in the early grades indicate Bremerton school kids are showing marked improvement since 2002.

The kindergarten class that just ended had 92.3 percent meet or exceed reading expectations based on the Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Learning Skills assessment. It’s 7.7 points away from the ultimate goal, but it’s also 36.4 points better than the kindergarten class of 2002 and 13.2 points better than the class of 2006.

District officials say it’s the result of increased emphasis on early education in Bremerton.

Watch for the WASL scores later this year, because this year’s numbers could demonstrate whether Bremerton’s efforts are beginning to bear results.

2 thoughts on “Bremerton Kindergartners Post Impressive Results

    I hope the teachers making a difference get a raise…at the least, a huge bonus! They’re earning it.
    Best wishes and cheers… Sharon O’Hara

  2. Steven, All day Kindergarten and an improved reading program contributed in a large part to this success. As a PTA officer and the mother of a Kindergartener who just completed this program, I can honestly say I was very impressed. Since I work for one of the coolest bosses on the planet who pays me very well and allows me to work 4 days a week, I was able to spend one day a week volunteering at the school. This gave me the opportunity to view this new program first hand and help participate in it. Great job Bremerton School District!

    Colleen Smidt
    2007-2008 PTA President
    Naval Avenue Elemetary

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