You’re on Notice! – Armed Forces Weekend

Do you hear that? Hey, you in Poulsbo. How many bands you got? Here in Bremerton we’ve got 32 marching bands ready to brave the rain to deliver our local members of the armed forces and other hangers-on a parade that blows yours away. And in case it doesn’t happen figuratively, we’ve got a tank!


Once again it’s time for Bremerton’s unofficial “You’re on Notice” board, based on the one done by Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.”

The Web site, not a Comedy Central site, allows ordinaries like me to create a “You’re on Notice” board, sending a warning to let people know you’re watching them. These are based on your suggestions, which you can read in the comments, and my personal whimsy.

Regarding this week’s board: The first one is a shout to Poulsbo, which has a competing fest going on this weekend. I lived in Poulsbo three years and loved Viking Fest. But I live here now, so to heck with them. The middle six are all your nominations and I have no idea what you’re talking about. Port Orchard is on there again, this time because we want the drum beats from 32 marching bands to be heard all the way across the Sinclair Inlet. Hey Port Orchard, can you hear what the Bremerton is cooking?

Continue sending your nominations and I’ll continue to update this board, probably every Friday.

Remember, “You’re on notice” means “I’m watching you,” not “You’re dead to me,” which is a different board. Send me your nominations for things or people you’re getting a little suspicious of, or getting a little tired of, or you think isn’t getting the attention it should. Try to be Bremerton-specific and feel free to duplicate other peoples’ nominations. If something gets nominated a lot, it’s more likely to get on the board.

Then again, this isn’t scientific and is subject to the blogmaster’s personal bias and sense of what’s relevant and/or funny.

17 thoughts on “You’re on Notice! – Armed Forces Weekend

  1. I’m watching the old JC Penney building and the Bremer Trust folks for OC.
    Cars can park anywhere…the crime is wasting precious retail space to harbor parked cars.
    When will the Bremer Trust folks wake up and realize the disservice they are doing to Bremerton?
    The JC Penny building deserves its chance to become a thriving retail center in Bremerton.
    It is a Blight in the middle of Bremerton – shame on them!
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Here’s one – I hardly even glance at the South Kitsap blog anymore because all people do is insult each other and complain and whine about the park. I’ll leave it to you to think of clever wording for that one.

  3. It would seem Sharon that your wish may be fulfilled given today’s announcement regarding the redevelopment of the building.

    Bremerton’s downtown is starting to live up to its fantastic physical setting.

  4. Ms. O’Hara,

    I guess your “on notice” announcement worked! Now we’re finally going to turn that block into something to build the downtown around.

    Now can you put some of the downtown owners who are resistant to updating their buildings “on notice” as well?

    And also the Washington State DOT for their ordinary design for the Manette Bridge, another price hike on the Ferries, and no plans or funding a fix for the Gorst Curve.

  5. I nominate:People who post off-topic in this blog.Drivers in the morning who wait until the very end of third lane on Highway 16 in Gorst to merge, forcing everyone in the other lanes to slow down.Drivers who do the same thing on Navy Yard highway in the afternoon.

  6. Bruce … incredible news …may the powers that be and any differences always fade away to the big picture… in this case, the revitalization of a wonderful, scenic town and rich history of a vital people. VIVA LA BREMERTON!

    Mr. Brockus … Seems to me successful business folks tend to do what is needed to stay in business, to be imaginative and forward. I cannot imagine why visitors to our area would visit unappealing appearing places when others show a shining face to them, a clear and friendly invitation to come inside and shop.

    Good business sense seems to me to look forward to new business, not stay rooted in antiquity and yesterday’s thinking.

    I’m surprised Bremerton doesn’t have a town store ‘dress code’… Port Townsend has a good one for uniformity… and their success may well be due to it…in no small part.

    I like ‘ordinary’ when it comes to bridges…especially when there is no money to add a frill. Ordinary and solid seems a good thing.

    Gorst will change in good time…right now we desperately need safe biking and walking paths throughout our county and beyond into the next…

    Mr. Brockus, you and the others are doing a great job for the future of Bremerton. As a person born there almost 70 years ago……thank you!!!
    Sharon O’Hara

  7. I nominate those who text while waiting at a stop light and make the rest of us miss the light because you were too busy to notice the light was green!!!!

  8. I nominate the Bremerton School Board. For delaying the notification of Naval Avenue parents so long, that big changes were going to be decided at their children’s school, that instead the children found out first and came home to notify their parents. Oh yeah…we, the parents, are watching even more closely now. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  9. I nominate those all up in arms about an advertisement in the Olympic College paper. Yeah, you know the one! If you don’t like it…don’t apply!

  10. I nominate the sneaky Port of Bremerton Commissioners to watch for the next way they will abuse their fellow citizens with blatant taxation power.

  11. I nominate the following to be “On Notice”

    PNW Salmon Center
    King County politicans
    The WA Poet Laureate

  12. I nominate a few minutes in memory, Gene Gisley.

    His name brings back a simple time, few ‘gray areas’ and of a friendly, open, welcoming newsroom without the wall between the visitor and reporters.

    A visitor felt the surge and energy of a deadline…the bustle and clacking of typewriters … it ‘smelled’ good and made a visitor feel a part of something important…News. .

    My dad especially enjoyed visiting the Sun and looked forward to seeing his reporter friends. They were special ….

    Good-by, Gene Gisley.
    Sharon O’Hara

  13. I think Democrats who promised more control over gas prices to help them get elected should be put on notice for once again making promises they can’t keep.

  14. I nominate the Naval Avenue Gate traffic for speeding left down Roosevelt and then right on 10th to avoid the light at Naval and 11th. You are causing a lot of danger to children walking to school in the morning just to save yourself 60 seconds.

  15. I put the citizen’s advisory committee on notice for giving out a raise to the Governor and State Senators and Legisaltures that was not deserved. Unless every program is funded 100 percent and nothing receives any type of monetary cut, then they should consider giving out a pay raise.

    Shame on you citizen’s advisory group, stealing money from education, transportation and library budgets to pay for a raise that was not earned nor deserved!!!!

  16. I put the SEED supporters on notice for failing to answer a simple question from the majority of us here in blog land:

    Name a Fortune 500 company lining up for SEED!!!!!

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