Why Not Bremerton?

At Wednesday’s City Council meeting there was little discussion of the possible annexation of Navy Yard City and West Hill, in part because it’s still early.

Nonetheless, in Tracyton the city estimated the costs to residents would be about equal to be in the city rather than being in unincorporated areas.

So, if all costs (taxes and utility fees) truly are equal, tell me the advantages of not being within city boundaries. Tracyton folks, by and large, didn’t want to come in. And there’s some thought residents in the two new targeted areas might not either. Why? And if you’d like to make the argument in favor of being annexed, feel free.

3 thoughts on “Why Not Bremerton?

  1. I wasn’t going to wade in here because if the right property came available, we would move within the city limits.

    That said…in the past forty years, I’ve lived within the city limits once, for ten years. And stated I would never do it again.

    We moved from our own well in the county to city water I couldn’t drink without perking it for coffee.
    In the county I drank instant coffee … impossible with city water.

    In the county, water was free…in the sense that we had a submersible pump that rarely caused a problem.

    In the city, water cost became ridiculous… usually hitting over $100.00 month for water.

    I needed the water because I fell in love with a wonderful, neglected property and worked ten years to restore the landscape and worked to make it better. Every day was an adventure…I never knew what I’d find in those acres.

    I will never regret buying the property and had the city not been so laid back and neglected basic ‘growth’ improvements for so many years ..the sticker shock when they woke up and had to jump into the current century would not have stung nearly as much as it did.

    Bremerton is current I’m sure, and looking ahead to future basic needs …but…for us …in another city in Washington … the cost was 100 percent higher than we paid to live in the county.

    There … the city didn’t do anything for their residents … that I could see…that we couldn’t do cheaper for ourselves in the county.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. REI in Bremerton? Probably not a good business idea…not yet anyway.

    An amazing amount of space is being taken up by non retail business without enough people to buy the products.

    Case in point… the Kitsap Transit Headquarters taking up non productive quality space that ‘could’ be utilized by a company – restaurant?

    The Kitsap Transit offices could move to the outskirts of Bremerton and put REI in their space…

    What other tax supported offices take up the limited downtown valuable real estate?

    REI would draw from all over if they were in Silverdale or Poulsbo.
    I look forward to them settling anywhere over our way…
    Sharon O’Hara

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