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Now for an annexation of another kind. On the City Council agenda Wednesday:

A. Resolution No. 3022, commencing negotiations for Interlocal Agreement regarding the potential annexation of Navy Yard City (#AB07-035)

B. Resolution No. 3023, initiating annexation proceedings for the West Hills Island of unincorporated territory in West Bremerton (#AB07-036)

I’ll have to check the history, but I believe there has been resistance to this in the past from Navy Yard City residents. I don’t know how significant opposition would be now. The change would mean different tax rates, new cops and a new fire department.

7 thoughts on “NYC in Bremerton

  1. I live in Bremerton Urban growth area yet I have no city council member and can’t run for city council. Mayor Bozeman is obsessed with expanding the area of Bremerton’s UGA but not expanding the city limits or city council districts to match. Is there ANY land in Kitsap County that Mayor Bozeman does not have his eyes on? Perhaps I should change that to King Bozeman.

  2. I hope the good Mayor Bozeman does not limit his horizons … and my guess is, he does not.

    Luckily, he is not tunnel-visioned either. Bremerton got a visionary warrior.
    Sharon O’Hara

  3. Just for the record, Mayor Bozeman was not initially interested in annexing Navy Yard City. The Council initiated this effort along with several other annexations for the following reasons:

    1. Efficiency of service, makes no sense to have fire service coming from Gorst to NYC when the City’s West Park station is less than 2 minutes away.

    2. NYC and a couple of other areas are surrounded by Bremerton and are in fact urban (not rural like a county)

    3. There is infill potential and a little industrial potential in some of the annexations which will benefit the owners and that are not available in county zoning.

    4. The water and sewer are already being provided by the City with a surcharge and the resident’s utility bills will go down.

    I may not agree with everything the Mayor says or thinks, but please don’t demonize him when he is really just carrying out the City Council and Planning Commission plans for the City’s future.

    btw.. the complete rationale for each annexation is examined by the Planning Commission, the Administration, all the service providers, the County Commissioner and finally the City Council. all these discussions and data are public and on record. This applies to the upcoming Council discussion. So if you have questions then come to the meeting or email the city!

  4. Mike I did not see the mayor being demonized . I am a bit neutral or out of the loop here in Kingston . There seems to be so many agendas conflicting here , quite hard to root for anybody from the cheap seats .

    Just very interesting really , I see the mayor as an advocate for Bremerton .

  5. Thank you for straightening the record, Mike.

    I’d like to add that we are lucky the Mayor has a great team to work with for the benefit of all.
    Thank you for the work you do for us!
    Sharon O’Hara

  6. My grandfather fought every attempt that was brought forth to annex Navy Yard City. He passed away in 2003. Residents of NYC continued the fight when a crematorium tried moving in near the elementary school. The city’s opposition to the crematorium was only in it’s self-interest to try to annex NYC.

    They can keep trying, but NYC residents probably will still resist caving in.

  7. I wonder what Bremerton has to offer the citizens of Navy Yard City?
    What would tempt the citizens to be annexed into Bremerton?

    Why should they want to be annexed?

    Bremerton offers wonderful inducements to get business to look toward Bremerton – what can they do for NYC?

    Sharon O’Hara

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