Studies Say Cameras Work

Josh Farley passed along this news item from USA Today, red-light cameras work.

First, researchers found that violations dropped by 36% after yellow lights were extended to give drivers more warning that the light was about to turn red. After red light cameras were added, remaining violations dropped by 96%.

“There’s a dramatic change in driver behavior when red light cameras are used,” says Richard Retting, senior transportation safety engineer for IIHS. “The jury is in on that question.”

Bremerton plans to install the cameras this year and is taking bids at the moment. On a related note, state Sen. Derek Kilmer, D-Gig Harbor, is sponsoring a bill that would allow the cameras to catch speeders in work zones.

2 thoughts on “Studies Say Cameras Work

  1. I didn’t know the effectiveness of the cameras was in question…it is good they’re coming in.
    Too bad they can’t be placed in the area of the most highway crashes too… possibly a drunk or otherwise impaired driver could be seen wobbling over the road before a crash could occur….
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. I noticed the state putting camras all over the ferries , that is for security reasons . But I guess its cheaper and effective ..

    Hopefully it will reduce police officers having to sit on the bottom of hills in order to give out speeding tickets , but I doubt it ,, I rather have police officers doing other them doing other things besides just sitting for speeders when not a specfic call .

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