Residency Challenge No, Felony Complaints Yes

James Olsen dropped his residency challenge based on his belief he couldn’t get a fair hearing. He said he filed a formal felony complaint against Brown, based on Brown’s statement in court that he registered to vote using an address at which he never lived. Brown said in court he and the homeowner at the address, Brown’s former math teacher Arna Souza, had discussed him housesitting. Souza testified the conversation never happened.

Brown’s attorney, John Morgan, said he planned to file a felony complaint of perjury against Olsen for filing an affidavit stating that he had proof Brown didn’t live where he said he did.

This all began with an earlier challenge of Brown’s residency, a challenge that was dismissed.

Grimley’s story, linked above, will provide more details Friday morning.

43 thoughts on “Residency Challenge No, Felony Complaints Yes

  1. Could we just end this thing with a high noon encounter in which both sides can shout back and forth “are too,” and “am not” until they get over it?

  2. For weeks, we’ve been besieged with Olsen’s self-righteous claims of “compelling evidence” that would “speak volumes”, blah, blah, blah. But when it came time to “put up or shut up”, he was uncharacteristically mute. I at least expected him to disclose his vast amount of evidence, have the challenge dismissed, *then* bemoan the fact that the board was bias. But to complain without even presenting a shred of evidence “speaks volumes” about this character’s lack of credibility.

    As I’ve stated several times before in this blog, I doubt felony charges against Brown will go anywhere. Not because I think falsely signing a legal affidavit is acceptable, rather I think a prosecutor would consider the motive for *why* it was done when determining whether to pursue charges.

    Brown’s excuse of a “misunderstanding” for signing his is plausible since he corrected it before either voting and registering to run. If there was nothing to gain from doing it, it was corrected before anyone knew or cared, and he never voted or registered for office with the incorrect address, the “misunderstanding” explanation is the only one that makes any sense. I’ve yet to hear anyone explain a theory on why Brown would have done it as purposeful, malicious act or what benefit he gained by doing it.

    Olsen, on the other hand, signed his affidavit and publicly claimed to have the goods to back it up. There was no “misunderstanding”. It was done with purpose and anyone who has followed his fanatical rants in the blogs/newspapers lately can conclude he was out to besmirch Brown. Time will tell if anything will come of the perjury complaint against Olsen, but if he wasn’t going to deliver on his claims and this was just a way to attack and slander Brown, he should’ve quit before wasting county resources preparing for his little moment in the sun.

  3. Coincidently, the P.O. Independent ran an article today where Olsen referred to himself as “a humble citizen of Washington State and Kitsap County who places great weight and faith in democracy and the inviolate nature of our voting process.”

    I’ve never had any illusions that Olsen was “humble” but where’s the “faith”?

  4. If we were in Texas ranching country, Mr. Olsen would be described as “all hat, no cattle.”

    I was reminded the other day of another James M. Olsen action. As I was told about it, Olsen posted some campaign signs on a fence that does not belong to him. Then, he photographed the person (responsible for the fence) while the signs were being taken off of the fence, and subsequently turned the photos in to the Bainbridge Island police department, charging that the signs had been “stolen” and wanting an arrest made. (Please correct me if I heard wrong.)

    I hope Olsen, Ross and the others will give up their attempts to besmirch Commissioner Brown. Some of their time, energy and money could be used to do something positive for Kitsap instead.

  5. The Kitsap sun should have included the fact that Mr Olsen is an elected Republican Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) in the story. He is not just some guy with a grudge but an active member in the Kitsap Republican Party that has yet to disavow or separate himself from his logic void and potentially illegal harassment of Commissioner Josh Brown. Olsen violated the 1965 Voting Rights Act when he filed a false challenge to Josh Brown’s voter registration. This is a dirty election tactic that was used in the 2004 Ohio presidential election according to congresses’s “Conyers Report on the 2004 election”

  6. First of all Jacob , Mr. Olsen is not an elected Precinct Committee Officer . Thats why the Sun did not include that in the story . . Your attempt to include the Republican Party in this is as wrong and baseless as you appear to believe Mr. Olsen is . I doubt you will have a retraction .

    I am an elected PCO and have served many times as part of the Executive Board , gone to state conventions . Am not involved like I was once but the the only comments I have heard from the Republoican Party on this issue was that they are not supporting or coming out against the case . Which I totaly agree with . How could you not if you don’t know the facts either way .

    My concern with mr. Brown is his admiting to lying about his residence . He did this on the stand during the trial . The AFFADAVIT he signed does not ask him where he planned to live , it asks where you live ..

    Concerning all the big uproar we have heard dealing with the Presential election and Florida , then here with Rossi and Governor Gregoire , voter registration has more importance I guess to me .

    Intertingly Appelton has a bill out that would promote a Class C Felony for knowingly sign a petition falsely , yet we have someone who on oath admited to it and nothing comes about it . I don’t blame Olsen for not thinking the canvessing board would be fair , just like I doubt the Prosecutor will consider filing charges against Brown for admitting his Class C felony .. I guess in the scheme of things its not important to him ?
    I know him well enough he is quite articulate and very on the left of issues politically .

    I think Mr Brown should apologize at least … I mean silly laws are not for us to choose which are ok to break are they ?

    Good thing I lost all my elections , I feel sorry for the kid … The left sure did not help him by ignoring his comments on the witness stand . They will follow him ..

  7. Hey Jacob: this one for you about the Master:
    “Before providing the documentation in this complaint, I raise the issue of conflict of interest with you or your office handling the investigation and prosecution of this complaint. Mr. Joshua W. Brown is the top elected Kitsap County official and organizationally he is your boss. Furthermore you have actively supported Mr. Brown in his election campaign with substantial campaign donations and you permitted your name to be used in publicly-distributed campaign material. In addition, your office defended the interests of Joshua Brown in the 16 January pre-trial hearing before Judge Craddock Verser where your Assistant Prosecutor Alan Miles argued for the dismissal of the case against Commissioner Brown.
    This allegation of felony complaint and perjury must be remanded to General Rob McKenna’s office to give the case a chance for dispassionate analysis and appropriate action against this senior elected official. A copy of this complaint is being forwarded to Attorney General McKenna today.”
    And when is the XXX-Generation Frugality for Idiots by JWB hitting the press? I am anxious to read the section on how to cut down on my internet-access charges by stealing.
    Can’t Morgan think of something original to do other than try to intimidate the messenger. The message with JWB is clear — Jacob – listen !!

    And Jacob — yes, I am a legally registered voter with no scam registrations or false residences.

  8. Hey Mark (no last name) — we will see which case has traction — JWB’s Class C felony or John Morgan’s/Sommerset’s whining tantrum.

    Mark spins: “Brown’s excuse of a “misunderstanding” for signing his is plausible since he corrected it before either voting and registering to run. If there was nothing to gain from doing it, it was corrected before anyone knew or cared, and he never voted or registered for office with the incorrect address, the “misunderstanding” explanation is the only one that makes any sense. I’ve yet to hear anyone explain a theory on why Brown would have done it as purposeful, malicious act or what benefit he gained by doing it.”

    Joshua W. Brown also perjured himself by testifying that his identity commandeering of Arna Souza was based on a meeting that did not happen until 4 months after Brown. Brown had his reasons for filing the fraudulent registration and they were not innocent. I guess according to Mark the issue of whether a crime happened was if someone was hurt or if the deed was not forever.
    Brown’s defense was lame and the record is painful and pitiful if Mark has time to read the transcript or documents. JWB beat the rap but he showed his colors in all their glory.

    Morgan wanted to show he still was ever the lion and not just a suburban ambulance chaser. I am sure everyone was impressed and his phone is ringing off the hook. I am underwhelmed by the silliness of Morgan.

  9. Linda Gabriel — JWB Apologist Fan Club, this one for you: (delivered to Canvassing Board before convening: Did you read this in the Bermant piece — I didn’t think so.

    February 15, 2007

    Kitsap County Canvassing Board
    614 Division Street
    Port Orchard, WA 98366


    Ref: (a) James M. Olsen letter 2/14/07to Kitsap County Auditor Flynn
    (b) James M. Olsen letter 2/27/07 to Kitsap County Auditor Flynn

    Dear Prosecutor Hauge, Kitsap Auditor Flynn and Commissioner Endresen:

    I formally withdraw my voter challenge against Joshua W. Brown. My repeated attempts outlined in references (a) and (b) for a fair and unbiased hearing without blatant conflicts of interest with the board members have been denied.

    The bedrock requirement for any board is freedom from conflicts of interest, either real or implied. The real conflicts of interest in this matter of sitting Commissioner Joshua W. Brown make a fair and impartial hearing of this matter virtually impossible.

    Based on issues arising from the trial In the Matter of the Contested Election of Joshua W. Brown, I have filed a formal felony complaint against Commissioner Joshua W. Brown.”

  10. Jacob M — I’ll pay for it with my use of the Brown hit book: Frugality for Idiots or 5 uses of the futon in confused identity people.

  11. Mick’s right, while Mr. Olsen/Shogun ran for PCO – R in the most recent election for this position, the other individual running gathered about 82% of the vote.

    I agree with Mick that some effort to be factual is important…

  12. Mick: “I don’t blame Olsen for not thinking the canvessing board would be fair,…”

    Really? It was the same canvassing board that was in place at the time Olsen signed his affidavit.

    The RCW states that “The challenge may not be based on unsupported allegations or allegations by anonymous third parties.” Presumably, this is to prevent any ol’ nutjob from filing unsubstantiated challenges and using the law as a weapon to intimidate and harass others.

    Had Olsen presented a case and lost, a prosecutor could reasonably assume that at the time Olsen signed his affidavit, he believed he had evidence. Under that scenario, a prosecutor would likely not pursue perjury charges against Olsen for the very same reasons I’ve stated in Brown’s case.

    However, after shooting his mouth off in the press for weeks and getting (quasi-)respectable news people to regurgitate his statements, Olsen never presented any evidence. In the end, his challenge apparently was based on nothing but accusations and alleged evidence that he did not/could not produce.

    Allowing someone to file a challenge, slander with claims of damning evidence, and then just walk away from it strikes me as dangerous. It leaves anyone with a publicly recognized name open for attack.

  13. I’ll probably regret getting into this, but, Mark, please note that Josh Brown announced his intention to file as a candidate before March 13, 2006. [I searched in the Kitsap Sun for any report of Brown’s first announcement and found none, but the link takes you to another local paper which did report Brown’s announcement.]

    Brown needed an address within the Central Kitsap district at that time, didn’t he? Wouldn’t it have been an uncomfortable start for him, if he had to admit that he wasn’t even registered to vote within that commissioner district when he threw his hat in the ring? That first (false) address that he used was apparently intended to make it appear he was a resident of the district when he announced his intent to run.

  14. Bob Meadows raised the Inconvenient Truth for Brown/Linda/Mark/Jacob/Morgan/blah/blah

    Brown had a reason to lie. He went to great lengths doing it.

    As to my case, just a sample of it was included in the filing of Class C Felony complaint against the Comish. Hauge may think as a “loyal prosecutor” he can indict a ham sandwhich, but on this case involving Josh our Man, Hauge will tread carefully or his State AG will be all over him.

    Again, thank Bob for pointing out to the Josh zealots just why their man would perjure himself with identity theft.

    When all is said and done, Brown filed the fraud and admitted it. He thinks a lame sad school boy excuse will suffice. I don’t think so.

  15. Shogun,
    With what office did you file that “…formal felony complaint against Commissioner Joshua W. Brown” – just the State Attorney General?

  16. Bruce A., says the facts are important. Who among this group of posters has bothered to look at the evidence, pro or con? Who read Brown’s affidavit? Brown’s deposition, The cell records? Analyzed the Fitzwater Lane sham address registrations? Who heard Arna Souza testify? Or saw Morgan grab for his nitrogycererine pills as Plantiff’s counsel entered the Class C felony issue?

    Bruce, you are right there are facts. Not wanting to try to case, it is important to remember the facts. Brown’s assertion this was some sort’a mistake — is total nonsense. Get your hands on the records.

    Demand the Kitsap County prosecutor or higher authority, hold the highest elected Kitsap official to the same standard of conduct you wuold expect of a simple lawbreaker. To say “whatever” like I hear from the Josh supporters is most unfortunate.

    Brown could have stopped this in its tracks by being honest from the get go. This will not go away.

    Bruce, get your hands on the documents and give it some thought. I hear a great deal of “don’t confuse me with the facts since I know that Brown is a good guy.” The facts, the facts . . .

  17. Bob, sound reasoning is always appreciated, particularly in a discussion where emotions are running high on all sides.

    How prosecutors end up handling both cases should be interesting.

  18. Mark..

    Ummm , so when Mr. Olsen signs an Affadavit its important to you , and when Mr. Brown signs one it is not ? Mr Brown already admitted to not living in a house under oath that an affradavit he signed said he did . You already got Olsen serving time for the appearance of deception .. I think perhaps your politics is speaking .. Think about it ? I have the old article I found accusing the Canvessing Board of bias when they found the elected North Kitsap School Board member from taking his elected position . Chairman of the GOP got into the article , the democrats had comeout with much support for the candidates , and one actually lost .. We had a token conservative for a few days .. my point , Endresen is on record saying this was just sour grapes , come on Mark .. Is not that at least an appearance of bias ? Has the world gone completly partsian ..

    Linda sorry but your concern over besmirching Mr. Brown is not really advocated by your style in the past . The best way to stop folks from doing frivilous trumped up unproven charges is not to promote them yourself . The problem in Kitsap is lack of leadership on issues like this . You provide no leadership , and nor do we have any elected official either , and this paper sure does not have the moral high ground .. Man I wish it did .. I don’t mind seeing the people loose elections I vote for , but as you , I sure don’t like to see the onee get mauled when they put their name out there . Especially when its based on political bias , and not character, honesty , or integrity .

    To expect respect one needs to show respect . The left has nothing to stand high about , democratic officials blaming republican party for this shows a disdain for truth and a high degree of faith in smear tactics . .The left could easily have taken the high ground here , you goofed .
    In fact the republican party staying out of shows no leadership , but at least civility .

    And Jacob , shame on you .. Revenge ? One who promotes at least weekly of your Christian beliefs obviously using the revenge factor here . One thing is for sure , getting this to a another lawsuit only will encourgage discourse about the fact Mr Brown lied on an Affadavit of where he lived . I mean he stated it on the witness stand … HELLO

    …Just my politcal experience taught me that even defending a negative keeps the negative at the forefront of the media . Linda Gabriel and her friends taught me that one when I was appointed to the Human Rights Council about 10 years ago . Coming from the Right Wing PTA I obviously had an agenda that was anything but trying to serve the county I lived in .

    But it did motivate me to get involved , obviously this county is ruled by a lack of respect for your neigbors .. And I obviously lack the charisma , spelling , or character to change that , but thank the Lord I can see it .

    Number two , not only is it politically stupid , its against the teaching of Jesus Christ that you speak so much about .

    The older I get the more I see people who follow a certain nasty path , will usually get what they deserve . If not , that Is the Lord’s problem … If I got what was coming to me , I would be in a sad way myself . I would be carefull what you pray for Jacob …

    I don’t think Olsen did anything wrong , even if his information is just what was given at the hearing , or new information that Josh supplied , as the Judge said it did not prove Brown guilty . But it sure gave the next election for Josh something to get in the dirt about .

    Whats up with buying a 1700 sq foot house when you live with a Fulton and no furniture .. Is that not just weird …

    We are innocent till proven guilty .. A nifty little concept , looks like your just wanting to bleeds someones wallet ..

    I know when I got zilched for something I felt was not called for , I became a very active little republican .. I assume Josh will will become a very active little democrat . That should be revenge enough in a county dominated by democratic officals , dominated school boards , and media coverage . But I was actually hoping he would want to represnt all of us .. That hope has faded quickly ..

    Thank God for Grand Kids !

  19. This is from 1999. For your information . The challenger in this case had also written a little piece for the WEA called “if you don’t they will ” on Conservative Christians being involved in school districts ..The paper never said anything about it . Val Torrens must people know of , recently she has written pro life people are bigots in one of the bi weekly papers , not exactly something the democrats were concerned about this time .

    Canvass Board upholds ruling
    By David Levesque, Sun staff

    The county’s Canvass Board on Tuesday upheld its earlier ruling that North Kitsap School Board candidate Michael Hastings lives out of the district he was elected to serve.

    The appeal was apparently the last step Hastings could take to be on the board, which he was elected to Nov. 2.

    Hastings’ supporters didn’t go quietly, shooting off allegations that the Canvass Board had conflicts of interest, among other things.

    “I don’t have much respect for the route Mr. Hastings is taking,” Kitsap County Auditor Karen Flynn, a member of the board, said in response to the allegations. “The issue being missed here is that of his residency.”

    On Nov. 8, the Canvass Board ruled in favor of a challenge filed by Joanne Nelson against Hastings. The board then canceled Hastings’ voter registration in the town of Kingston.

    Because of the finding, the North Kitsap School Board said they will not seat Hastings.

    In response, Hastings asked the board for the hearing of reconsideration.

    Hastings’ attorney Tom Olmstead said he called for the hearing because he believed his client should have been represented by an attorney.

    Hours before the Nov. 8 hearing, Olmstead asked the Canvass Board to reschedule it because he could not attend. They denied the request, because the matter had to be resolved before the election results were certified Nov. 17.

    “That hearing did not have to be held that day. It could have been changed,” Olmstead said to the board.

    Olmstead said if he was at the original hearing he would have presented evidence and testimony that could have helped Hastings.

    On Monday, Olmstead had Dan Baskins, a local land-use lobbyist, testify in defense of Hastings.

    Baskins said Hastings had filed a Homestead Act for his Kingston home, which is proof of his residency.

    Olmstead said he could have refuted what he called a key piece of information brought up by Hastings’ challenger. Nelson had submitted a document that stated the house Hastings claimed to be living in was slated to be demolished.

    Olmstead said he found out that the demolition was canceled in 1991, a year after the order was issued.

    Flynn said following the hearing that no evidence was submitted by Olmstead supporting the cancelation of the demolition.

    She added that of 35 pieces of “new” evidence submitted by Olmstead, all but 10 were given to the board at the first hearing.

    “The evidence did not make any persuasive points,” Flynn said. “The greater concern for us was the fact his house had no running water or a functioning septic system.”

    She added that Hastings had made statements indicating he only started living at the house after the controversy started.

    Flynn was targeted by Olmstead at the start of the hearing, when he asked that she not take part in the decision.

    Olmstead said Flynn received a campaign contribution in 1998 from a person whose affidavit was used against Hastings.

    Flynn did not step down and said in no way was her decision based on the contributions.

    Following the meeting, Karl Duff, chairman of the Kitsap County Republican Party, raised his own concerns with the Canvass Board.

    He said the board violated state law by “playing musical chairs” with the county commissioners who sat on the board.

    County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido sat on the board during the original hearing, but Tuesday Commissioner Chris Endresen heard the matter.

    “(State law) is explicit on how the Canvass Board is to be set up: three members with certain duties not to be delegated,” Duff said.

    Duff made his concerns known to Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney Russ Hauge.

    Hauge told The Sun that to his knowledge there is nothing wrong with the board’s procedures.

    Hauge said he also was not concerned with the allegations of a conflict of interest.

    Sun reporter Tim Christie contributed to this report.

    Published in The Sun: 12/01/1999

  20. Linda Gabriel: my complaint was filed through Hauge’s office, filed on the 15th. However I said because Hauge has supported, politically donated to, works with and for Brown, the matter has to go up the chain to AG McKenna. Copy has been mailed to AG’s Olympia office as a heads up.

  21. Mick – “Ummm , so when Mr. Olsen signs an Affadavit its important to you , and when Mr. Brown signs one it is not ?”

    Ummm, no. Nice try, but I have NEVER said it was OK for ANYONE to falsely sign an affidavit. In every post where you and others keep trying to pin that on me, I am NOT saying it is OK to do under certain circumstances, I am speculating as to whether I think a prosecutor will pursue charges under those circumstances.

    Whether or not the letter of the law is broken and whether or not a prosecutor brings charges are two separate issues. Being neither a lawyer nor prosecutor, all I can do is speculate on both and, at best, my posts have been attempts to place odds on whether or not I think charges would be pursued – NOT WHETHER OR NOT IT WAS OK TO BREAK THE LAW! Can I make that point any more clearly?

    Perhaps you should re-read my posts in that context and then come back and ask me that question.

    And no, I don’t have Olsen doing time but I do think what he did was a very, very, dangerous thing. Even if the board was bias, perceived or actually, he should have presented his evidence and continued his cry of “bias” afterwards. Allowing someone to make unsubstantiated accusations in press without presenting a shred of evidence opens the door for more of these shenanigans in the future.

  22. Mark, my man, when you file something, you can control your case as you see fit. I don’t have to answer to you or bumbling Morgan.

    The fact is the revelations about Endresen, Hauge, Flynn came up after the filing. Also Endresen’s unprofessional comments about prejucice came up. Also Flynn sitting in on the Brown trial and Hauge defending Brown came up.

    Have you bothered to read my affidaivt. It has three elements, Brown’s de facto residence, the 1015 Perry address and my signature. That’s it.

    I filed my affidavit openly publically and proudly. I also withdrew my case before the hearing publically, proudly and with resignation the conflicts of interest from Hauge/Endresen/Flynn remained as fatal flaws. My callenge to the canvassing board were made in two publicly released letters.

    Brown’s Class C felony filing and identity theft was done furtively since he never told anyone about it in the lawsuit until he was confronted by the fact from Mr. Ross’s plaintiff’s attorney. Brown also came up with a cockamaimee story about having permission to steal someone’s address (Arna Souza).

    Finally, I had nothing to gain by my actions liek eligibility to run for political office in a district. Brown did have reason for his lying.

  23. Mr. Olsen…. You have put your money where your mouth is and pushing on for what you believe is right.

    Congratulations … you have joined the rare few that actually do something about their belief and sense of right.

    Thank you for standing up to be counted and taking the flack you had to know would come your way.
    Sharon O’Hara

  24. Mr. Olsen,
    We are still waiting for your evidence that Brown did not live at the Perry Avenue address. Since you did not present any at the hearing, having withdrawn your complaint, I suspect that you have none.

    If you have no evidence, that would make you guilty of perjury, I believe, although I am not a lawyer.

    I doubt that you’ll be brought into court over this, since the prosecutor is very busy. That will leave you free to commit the crime again and again.

    You will be like a wasp, who stings and then doesn’t lose its stinger. Watch out, though. At the end of their lives, wasps sting each other and only one wasp survives through the winter.

  25. Cean — 5 minutes of the testimony of the trial in any one of 5 areas would supply ample evidence Brown did not live at his campaign office — aka bach pad — and that he operated out of his last “real” address, Mommy and Daddy’s. Notes jotted on the back of the Josh Brown tragi-comedy held on 5-6 Feb would supply more than enough evidence, not less what was developed beforehand and afterwards.

    Even if you couldn’t have bothered to be at the trial or an unbiased non-conflict-of-interest board to examine the record (there was not one held), then you will have to get the transcripts and see the evidence. It is a screamer supporting my contention Brown did not reside at either Fitzwater address (hence the Class C felony admission) or his campaign office on Perry.

    I owe you nothing as proof to you. This blog site is basically idle banter but one where a number of people are not going to allow JWB apologist’s to rewrite the record with JWB as a savior crucified.

    The records in the case were probably 10 inches stacked tall. Get your reading glasses on and ask the (Democrat) Clerk of the Court for access. Until then you spin with just hot air.

  26. Mark,

    Thanks for reading my rant , did flow on . But can’t you see what your doing here . You sound like your even kneeled , obviously slanted on the left .

    What did Olsen sign that has him guilty of a crime ?
    The county has a history here on bing accused of prejudice on this stuff , and” perhaps justice was done” , but obviously the good old boys in the Courthouse were challended on their bias before .

    That time the person was a conservative , owned a house , and false information was allowed into testimony and he lost the case . Might have lost anyway , who knows … I just the character attacks he suffered gives the left no high ground here .

    I am in the cheap seats I admit , I don’t know , but if you had a thousand bucks to bet on , Also residency I think means something different to the law then perhaps you and me . Lets just say if you were betting and the bet was did Josh Brown stay somewhere else more nights then his own residence .

    To me residency means I come home , give a biscuit to my dog who now demands it from me , sit down ,read my mail , put on the news or chanel surf . I take showers every day …

    Lets see less water consumption , no neigbors knew him , electri9city , phone records of location of first and last call , also when he decided to run he did not live in CK ,admitted on the stand but signed affadavit he did and I assume told the democratic party he lived in CK to get their support . I mean I would think some of them might be a little ticked ?

    Anyway , If I had to bet I would have to go with spending more nights anway from his residence then there . But if if I did not have to bet , I would not . I think that not to far of an average observation from reading about this .. And that is not good politically for Josh Brown .. But this is a blue county ..

    What say you ?

  27. Mark , Apologize if I stated something that put you in a box . Some of folks who are apparently promoting a view here I have seen do in the past when the facts were not being represented accurately by them , for nothing elese but political gain and regardless who it hurt .. mainly I know because I was there in previous situations . Thats where this curmudgeon attitude comes from on my part , become whatI got mad about to begin with .. Not good … Stay on these blogs ..

    I apologize if I put you a box ,

    P.s I am still right ..



    IRONIC? Brown moves into new house the night before verdict announced – would have made residency challenge moot…


  29. > What say you ?

    I can see your position with regards to Ross v. Brown. Although the neighbors’ testimony didn’t strike me as particularly overwhelming (I can go weeks without seeing my neighbors, depending on our respective schedules) and the phone records seemed circumstantial, the minimal power consumption was asking for quite a leap in faith.

    Legal residency and the common man’s perception of residency are different and when it comes to the common man’s perception, the minimal power consumption is a pretty persuasive indicator on how many nights someone slept at an address. However, in the end, I think the legal verdict was correct given the fact that the burden of proof is for the plaintiff to produce.

    Of course, that’s easy for me to say because I’m not juxtaposing it against the Hastings case. I didn’t follow that case but it sounds like two very similar situations with two completely different outcomes. I’ve said it before, it sounds like the guy got an unfair deal and under those circumstances, I can understand the sting of seeing Brown win and Hastings lose.

    > What did Olsen sign that has him guilty of a crime ?

    When you file a voter challenge, you sign under penalty of perjury that you have the evidence to support your challenge. Presumably, this is to discourage one’s political enemies from filing frivolous challenges without any real evidence to back it up in an effort to impede a one’s right to vote.

    I’ve repeated myself ad nauseum why I believe Olsen should’ve actually presented his challenge. Since he didn’t, I initially thought he was heading for white-water faster than Brown with regards to a felony charge. But as usual, Bob Meadows did the work that the rest of us are too lazy to do ourselves, and was able to string together at least some hypothesis for a prosecutor to consider against Brown.

    At this point I’ve grown weary of this whole thing on both sides but I remain mildly interested to see what, if anything, happens in the two felony complaints.

  30. Mark — and Olsen has not grown weary of telling you run your own affairs. I filed my case with ample proof and the case was much more developed by the end. I withdrew my case for the reason in my letter.

    Next time you can control when or if you file and when or if you withdraw.

    The case has always been present that Brown had reason to file his fraudulent voter registration on Fitzwater. This was not an idle mistake or it was not entered by Big Foot or Outer space aliens.

    Kitsap County Prosecutor will do nothing with the issue brought by Mr. Super-size it and Ambulance chaser Morgan because there is nothing there for perjury. I had reason to believe my challenge, have reason to believe my challenge but withdrew the matter before the hearing.

    However, Hauge, as a supporter of Brown and his defender will have to be more cautious with cutting a deal with Brown/Morgan in the smoke-filled back rooms of Division Street. Someone without conflicts of interest will have to examine Brown self-admission and his perjurious testimony for his fraud (that Arna Souze allowed him to steal her address).

    But Mark, don’t lecture others how to handle their case. And do some reading on the facts in the case.

  31. Thanks Mark ..

    I know a couple conservative web sites have picked this up . The most popular one for the Northwest has .

    The conservative sight brought up the fact other papers and news are not covering this ..
    Which in the day of Anna Nicole and Bush telling us to trust him one more time, would have been more interesting locally , at least a few more reporters questions being asked that we bloggers already have in the paper .

  32. Jacob ,,

    Very seldom does a blog offer news ..

    Sometimes you lkearn something , mainly from what I have seen it becomes a who can mount the best character assaults of the people presenting a view you do or do not support .. Or it becomes a direct assault on the character of aperson with a view from mainly anomoymous folks .

    Once in a while you learn something , mainly from you I have learbned that this is what the left really really thinks of its neigbors .

    Even when the extreme polical views win , you loose if your vision is not a united America with open debate that leads to solutions that help us all ..

    But back to the blog war I guess.

  33. Elliott — don’t guit the day job just yet as your break into stand-UP.

    Did you see that Hauge punted the case to AG McKenna? Hmmmm !! Mark and Elliot — can you spell conflict of interest? Apparently Hauge figured it out.


    Kitsap County Commissioner Brown court testimony and records confirmed Brown’s monthly energy footprint was $5.00 per month for 27 days a month in his bachelor pad. Gore costs $1,369 per month. Josh needs to give Al a call ASAP on the secrets of low-energy usage.

    Best of the Web Today – February 27, 2007


    Your Feet’s Too Big
    “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore’s global-warming horror flick, picked up an Oscar the other night for Best Documentary. Yesterday the Tennessee Center for Policy Research issued an inconvenient report on Gore’s own personal “carbon footprint.” The center obtained utility records from Gore’s mansion “located in the posh Belle Meade area of Nashville”:

    The average household in America consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, according to the Department of Energy. In 2006, Gore devoured nearly 221,000 kWh–more than 20 times the national average.
    Last August alone, Gore burned through 22,619 kWh–guzzling more than twice the electricity in one month than an average American family uses in an entire year. As a result of his energy consumption, Gore’s average monthly electric bill topped $1,359.

  35. Elliot ,

    Now now , we do know Josh was using less elecricity then Al Gore , then again , Boeing is using less elecricity then Al Gore .

    Sorry ,, a little conservative humor ..

    very little I guess .

  36. I’m all for “The Elliott and Mick Comedy Show.”

    It’s nice to see good-humored ribbing here instead of the other vitriol posts in this thread (yeah, I know I’m partly responsible for keeping the wound open so back to silently lurking I go…).

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