Veldee Valentines

This weekend I plan to expand on today’s story about the six couples who share more than 300 years of marriage between them. While today’s story was OK for the space allotted, so much more could be written about all of them. So I’ll do my best to expand on it. For the time being, though, feel free to share your thoughts on six examples of commitment.

2 thoughts on “Veldee Valentines

  1. “…Jerry Holman’s willingness to care for his wife has been evident for about three decades, ever since Betty ago was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis….”
    Beautiful stories, thank you.

    Devotion and commitment to each other and to their marriage.

    I once spoke with a woman who was celebrating their 30th anniversary… she actually glowed when she mentioned her husband and their plans for another honeymoon.

    She went on to mention how close they came to separating during their 25th wedding anniversary year… and that she thanked God every day that they managed to hang on through the bad times.

    She said the other side of the ‘bad time’ was a deeper and stronger bond.
    … and made me wonder how many couples give up too soon…do not weather the storms to gain deeper insight, feeling and caring for their partner?

    Good for you…
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Hello Steve,
    Hey, we’re a bit prejudiced BUT we think Carrie and Bud Sittauer are not only special valentines to us but the best possible aunt & uncle to 8 nephews & nieces in the world. And their neighbors part of the “greatest generation” that gave that term the positive connotation it has today. Thanks so much for giving all of us a reminder of what the term committment and love really mean! Betty Koster (Carrie Sittauer’s sister)

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