A Critic on Bremerton

Bernard Jacobson, a former music critic for the London Times and Chicago Daily News, and his wife moved to Bremerton and have this to say:

Before my wife and I relocated from Philadelphia, we hadn’t realized that we would be not merely changing our geographical location but transforming our lives.

It seems he likes it here and will be writing for the Kitsap Sun.

7 thoughts on “A Critic on Bremerton

  1. …the really exciting part is that his wife is a pathologist hired by Harrison … whoop de do….seems every time I turn around Harrison is doing something cool for patients and their survival… and now a pathologist… WELCOME TO KITSAP COUNTY!
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. …most likely both of them huge fans of NASCAR and probably sing for the crowds between rounds.
    Don’t worry though, I think your place as 1st violinist for the crowd is secure.
    Sharon O’Hara

  3. It is about time the Sun has a food and restaurant critic. As a downtown business owner, I know how important positive press is to the survival of a new small business, and seeing so many come and go over the past years, this is a means for the local restaurant start-ups to shine and possibly pick up new clientele.

    Since I began operation in 2004, I have seen a few restaurants pop up. Most notably, the New Delhi Indian restaurant on Washington Ave is a gem. The owners are always there, the food quality is consistent to some of my favorite Seattle Indian restaurants (if not better!), and the cost is extremely reasonable.

    Another place that I don’t frequent as much but commend is Boston’s Pizza. This place opened just a few years ago, and the owners work some of the longest hours known to man. Their pizza is great, and will taste even better once they begin pouring suds to complement the meal.

    I do believe that having a regular article featuring local Kitsap restaurants, offering both positive and negative reviews, will only lead to better cuisine for the residents of this unique county.

    I look forward to visiting new restaurants I have never considered once I read about the in the Sun!

  4. Actually, I let the Kitsap County Health Ratings determine the restaurant we visit.
    I’m sorry I don’t know what yours is, I’m sure it is high.

    It would be most helpful if, along with the review, the the Kitsap Sun could add the Health Department’s health rating on the review to complete the picture from a health aspect.
    Thank you.
    Sharon O’Hara

  5. Thanks for the tip…I looked it up (after digging around their website) and found it. I am glad a few places I have eaten scored a 100%. I agree, the score should be on the review…this would definitely give a full scope of the quality of the food and service.

  6. I am the owner of boston’s Deli and Pizza and am proud to let you know we have scored 100 % on our health dept. inspections for three straight years.

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