Drugs and Bremerton

The school district plans to meet with residents, kids are sad at Bremerton High School and parents are worried about security at the school.

Meanwhile some kids at the mall were pretty candid about the affair. See the story and the letter from the district and the Bremerton Police Department press release.

The kids’ conversations make me wonder where the truth lies. On one hand you have some who say the school is well known for drugs and some peers from other schools who confirm it. Then you have kids from the school who were surprised by who got arrested and say the problem is probably not as bad as advertised. Still, it’s hard to argue with eight arrests.

6 thoughts on “Drugs and Bremerton

  1. I believe, from past comments I have heard students say, these arrests are the tip of the iceburg. To suggest that you have a proactive School District in these regards is INCORRECT. Sadly, we have adults who are working at the school district who have drug/alcohol/and sexual concerns. We need to collectively face the problem thourally and ongoing. DO NOT let ANYONE SWEEP this under the rug.

  2. When I went to school the campus was closed after the morning bell rang and didn’t open until the end of the day. We need that back. School has also become a place of social interaction and how to accept others and not a place of learning. Kids who have no intention of learning need to be removed from our schools so that those who wish to contribute to society have the opportunity to learn. Everyone will make a mistake in the future. Whether that is drugs, alcohol etc… They should be given 1 chance to redeem themselves. If they don’t then they should be left to fend for themselves.

  3. A closed campus and follow-through will make a difference.
    What parent with children would EVER move into an area offering their children up to a drug riddled school with little or no discipline?
    Follow up and get rid of the offenders – do not allow the drug selling kids back in school. The first duty for a school should be to teach and protect the kids there to learn… the majority of kids.
    The others have to be dealt with in another place… not a ‘regular’ school to expose more kids to drugs. Allowing the drug using and drug selling kids back in tells the other kids…drugs must be okay. They are NOT okay!
    Get the non druggie parents involved to help patrol the school, inside and out.
    Ask the community to help restore and maintain a proper school environment.
    I recently visited Harrison Silverdale’s baby ward and was shocked at the security…it felt as though I was there to visit someone in prison, not a new mom and baby…
    If such a thing is needed at Bremerton High School…implement it.
    The first duty must always be to the kids there to learn, not sell drugs.
    Deal with the drug selling kids in another place, they need more than a ‘regular’ school can give them.

  4. A similiar situation happened at the North Kitsap School District .

    Acid , meth , pot , weapons , and a big bust of selling drugs was traced to the school .

    I had organized about 30 parents and copied a program that worked in the Central School District called Parents on Patrol .

    Parents would come to school , be seen in the hallways , just be a presence . Get to know the kids at the same time , sort of a positive influence , plus being among them .

    The District shot it down , ignored it really , decided to hire a police officers .

    Now if you ask our Administrators about the drug problem at NK , they look at you like you do not know what your talking about , and if they do , the bad publicity appears to more a danger then what the kids are doing .

    Good luck to Bremerton , maybe the experience of NK is just one school district in denial …

  5. i was arrested at bhs back in late 90’s for the same thing at bhs and can tell you how to stop the gang and drug activity -its called getting involved with your youths activitys and being a supportive parent-methods of church and being supportive will solve this! aka from a former gang leader

  6. Thank you member1!
    I agree… but also believe other factors sometimes come into play.
    How did you turn around from being arrested for drugs?
    Were you let back into school, a ‘reformed’ kid?
    You and kids like you, grown into adults who have broken the pattern are invaluable to help and advise others.
    Did the Boys and Girls organization help you?
    Congratulations – and to whatever, whoever, saved you!
    Thanks for speaking up!
    Sharon O’Hara

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