Bremerton, As Seen in Tacoma

The News Tribune in Tacoma has a story Friday likening Bremerton’s waterfront transformation with Tacoma’s.

Kitsap County’s most urban city, known for years as a rough Navy town with views of the Olympic Mountains, is redefining its frontyard stretch of waterfront. No longer is it dominated by empty storefronts and taverns in the shadow of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

The city of 36,000 is relying on an active waterfront, new businesses and condos to restore its core.

It’s a journey similar to the one Tacoma started in the 1980s.

The story has comments from the mayor, a naysayer, and the owner of Boston’s Deli and Pizza.

One thought on “Bremerton, As Seen in Tacoma

  1. I’m surprised Bremerton beat out Tacoma as Washington’s Worst Bad Girl Crime Town.
    Bremerton was the world’s most friendly place where neighbors knew and cared about each other.
    My mother came here as a bride in 1938. The streets and homes…who lived where… then… are as alive today for her as they were in 1938.
    The neighborhoods then were truly neighborhoods in the finest sense, just as the Manette Neighborhood is proving itself to be today.
    For Heaven’s Sake. Get the criminal element out of town. Crack down on the landlords…make them responsible for the people they rent to….especially if the slum landlord is you or your best friend… get these criminals out of town.
    The fact is the criminal type is unlikely to get a fully filled out tenant application cleared… IF the slum landlords even bother getting and checking applications.
    I do not know.
    I do know that if they haven’t, it is time they did.
    Fine and make the landlords responsible for their tenants… if you really care… do something about it….

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