One thought on “Ka-ching

  1. I do have a couple questions:
    1) What is wrong with our public school system that so many kids drop out of school requiring a whole new school system just for them? They certainly do not drop out of school because the curriculum is too hard…
    If that is the case though, we just need to lower the standards even more…. and we’ll lose our brightest kids due to boredom…if we haven’t already.
    2) Hard to believe the Bremer Trust people aren’t willing to sway with the city to develop the old JC Penney building.
    Olympic College is fully supported by the city and willing to do whatever it takes to help the college succeed and thrive.
    The Bremer Trust folks, on the other hand, aren’t willing to risk the revenue from filling the building with parked cars.
    That being the case… I hope the city will ban cars downtown soon – except for delivery and ferry traffic cars… and your building empty of cars, will sit generating no income at all.
    I once knew someone who left a great job because she had been offered a 70 % commission elsewhere.
    As it turned out, 70% of nothing is…nothing.
    The waste of that building is a crime. Wonderful and varied one of a kind business should fill the building to the rafters generating income for everyone…and more reason for folks to visit Bremerton, and live here.
    The Bremer Trust has – my opinion – a duty to the city of Bremerton as well as Olympic College. Why are they failing in that duty?
    A short time change over and loss of revenue from the parked cars is an excuse not to perform..not to do what is in the best interest of Bremerton.
    Fact is, the best interest of Brem is also in the best interest of the college.
    I hope the Bremer Trust people will work with the innovative and far seeing mayor for the benefit of all.

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